10 Brand New Productivity Tools You Probably Missed

Freelancers may have more of a need than other business owners to access data on the go, and from more than one platform. Productivity tools in the cloud offer a great way to address the issue of unknown source accessibility, especially when they are designed to sync between various devices, such as PC, tablets and smartphones.

Because there are already several articles at Freelance Folder featuring established productivity tools and software, today I’ll introduce ten new productivity tools that were launched in 2011. Some are cool, some are trendy, some are fun, but all of them can be of great help in the right hands.

10 Productivity Tools

Here is a list of recently launched productivity tools for freelancers and others:

  1. Filegoose is a web-based document management system that suits all kinds of users, from freelancers to large companies. It was designed for multiple users, allowing teams to share all types of documents, as well as to discuss files in real-time, view detailed statistics, and much more. There’s a handy savings calculator on site that shows you just how Filegoose can benefit your business through increased productivity.
  2. SocialFolders is another document management platform with added functionality. The tool helps you share content anywhere between social sites like: Flickr, Facebook, Box.net, Google Docs, Instagram and many more; or copy between sites. The content is synced automatically daily, and you can even sync your SocialFolders across all your devices.
  3. Sniget is a free business platform that helps you perform all your daily tasks. It features a bundle of productivity tools including: to do lists, a browser-based spreadsheet creator, a data collection tool for applications, questionnaires, and surveys, and much more.
  4. The Interviewr is a brilliant tool for those who need to schedule and conduct, you guessed it, interviews. From journalists to bloggers and even human resources departments, there could be many uses for this particular tool. Interviewr is free, and you can use it to schedule, manage and record all your interviews. You can add notes, files and links that are relevant to each specific interview, and you can even set up alerts to remind you of the date and time of the interview as well.
  5. Moredays is an image-centric calendar and planner, with scrapbook functionality. The innovation consists in that that your notes will be turned into “doodles” or “graphics” and that, instead of “tags” you’ll be using visual “stamps” to categorize your content. Moredays’ Sketcher saves all timely information about a new note, helping you better keep track of your actions. You could use Moredays to record the details of a meeting with a client and potential business partner.
  6. SpiderScribe is a free online mind mapping tool, that can be used to collect files, notes, events and locations, and then organize them with a relevant mind map. Things get better. You can choose to share your mind map and brainstorm collaboratively with your partners. You can even edit shared mind maps simultaneously. The maps are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.
  7. Comunitee is a twist on social news networking. It allegedly learns from your behavior what news you like to explore, discover and share, and then it automatically shares the news with your friends and followers. There’s no need to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts or click Follow, Tweet, Like, and Share for every story you find interesting.
  8. Present.me is an excellent tool to record and share PowerPoint presentations. It’s ideal if you have to give a presentation, but cannot be there in person. You present your proposal into your webcam, clicking on the slides as you would if you were presenting to an audience. Present.me splits the screen in two, showing the slides at the left, and a video recording of you at the right.
  9. Nimble is a nice, clean platform that combines a series of productivity tools, with social media monitoring and engagement tools. You can use it to manage existing contacts, but also to identify business critical influencers from the most popular social networks, and import them to your Nimble UI. Nimble also connects all your contacts, calendars, and conversations into one web-based interface, and lets you monitor and manage social media conversation from within the same platform.
  10. Tree.io is the ultimate suite of productivity tools, and it is free for up to three users. It includes a project management platform, automated service support, sales management, messaging, contacts management, finance management, document storing and sharing, and calendars and reports. It is compatible with all browsers, and what’s best… Tree.io Mobile* works well on all popular smartphone and tablet platforms, such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Bada, Palm WebOS, Symbian and MeeGo.

Your Turn

Are you using any of these new productivity tools? What is your favorite productivity tool?

Image by jimw