10 Totally Imaginary Freelancing Tools We Wish Really Existed

You’ve been working hard all week at freelancing, and so have I. It’s time to have some fun!

If you’ve ever wished there was a tool to make freelancing easier, this post is for you.

We’ll take a humorous look at ten freelancing tools that don’t exist (as far as I know, LOL), but we wish did. At the end, I’ll also ask for your suggestions for new freelancing tools.

So, read on, and don’t forget to laugh.

Product developers, pay attention now! There could be a fortune in these ideas. ;)

Imaginary Freelancing Tools

Freelancing is hard work and there’s a lot of great tools out there. We’ve already discussed many of these tools on Freelance Folder.

Just for fun, today we’re talking about imaginary freelancing tools we wish really existed. Here’s my list:

  1. Multi Me–The ultimate for multi-tasking, this product allows you to
    clone yourself into several “mini me’s” just long enough so that you could
    get extra freelancing work done. Of course, the mini me’s would only last long enough to get the job done–you don’t want to have to feed them.
  2. Project PartnerMatch website–You’ve heard of online dating. This site would also test your compatibility–with potential freelance business partners. If you’ve ever collaborated with the wrong person, you know how this tool could be helpful.
  3. Market Trend Predictor–Imagine how well your business would do if you
    knew the marketing trends–before they happened. What freelancer wouldn’t want this? You’d be on the cutting edge of all new developments without even trying.
  4. Client/Freelancer Translation Device–Everyone knows that clients and freelancers aren’t always on the same page when it comes to project work. That’s because they sometimes use the same terms in different ways. It’s a huge communication problem that would be eliminated by this tool.
  5. Pre-mail–You’ve probably gotten freelancing job inquiries through e-mail. Well, pre-mail sends you tomorrow’s job inquiries today. Great for getting a headstart on the competition. You’d be able to respond to all job inquiries and opportunities first.
  6. Scraperstoper–A bot that finds and sends cease and desist notices to
    websites that have scraped your copy. Great for freelance writers who typically struggle with this problem.
  7. Stopclock–Looks like a stopwatch, but comes with the power of stopping time. Are you exhausted and rushing to meet a deadline? Use Stopclock to stop time, get the rest you need, and still finish the project on time.
  8. Home Office Robot Butler–A handy robot to take care of all of your freelancing home office needs–from cleaning up your messy office to answering the phone when you are too busy. I could use one of these today.
  9. Folding mobile home office–Why buy mobile devices? With a folding mobile home office, you could simply fold up your entire home office and stick it into a briefcase any time you needed to travel and work. When you get where you’re going, unfold it and you’re good to go.
  10. Holographic salesperson–Many freelancers dislike sales, yet sales are an important way to bring in new freelancing business. What if there were a virtual salesperson holograph who could take over the uncomfortable selling tasks and was 100% persuasive all of the time.

Why It’s Important to Use Your Imagination

This post has been mostly just for fun. The tools I listed above don’t really exist, but it’s been a lot of fun to talk about them.

But, I was only half joking when I asked product developers to pay attention. That’s because all great products really do start somewhere–and that somewhere is in the imagination. Think of all the products that make life easier today that didn’t exist 25 years ago.

So, some of these imaginary products may seem pretty far-fetched to you (and I agree that they are), but who knows what the future holds? Unlikely products have become reality before.

Your Turn

What imaginary freelancing products do you wish for? Leave your answers in the comments.

Image by Sebastian Lund