10 Personal Finance Blogs Every Penny Pincher Should Read

Personal finance bloggers are growing in influence and audience. No matter what their goals or financial situation is tens of thousands of people over the past few years have turned to bloggers to help guide and inspire them to change their lives. In this article we highlight 10 must-read personal finance bloggers to inform and inspire your life.

  1. PF Blog: PF Blog chronicles one person’s journey towards a net worth of $1 million by age 36. Take cues from this blogger so that you will be able to do the same.
  2. My First Million at 33: The writer behind My First Million at 33 isn’t trying to reach $1 million. He’s already done that. Through some wise choices, diligent saving, and a fortunate turn of events, this blogger became a millionaire at 33. Read this blog to soak up advice from a young millionaire.
  3. Money Musings: This blogger decided to wage a “personal war on debt” and change the way he looks at money. He’s eliminated a large portion of his debt and wants to share his lessons with others who might also be suffering from debt.
  4. Credit Bloggers: Credit Bloggers is a panel of experts discussing credit, loan, debt, and identity theft. Readers can be confident that they are taking advice from authoritative voices in their field.
  5. The Consumerist: A division of Gawker Media, The Consumerist helps look out for the little guy. Features include tips on how to complain effectively, do it yourself projects, scam alerts, product reviews and more.
  6. A Penny Saved… This blogger lives by Benjamin Franklin’s philosophy that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” A Penny Saved investigates ways to get more bang for your buck as well as how to get free stuff and save money by pinching pennies.
  7. Generation X Finance: Gen X Finance specializes in money issues as they pertain to members of Generation X. It’s primarily tailored to readers in their late 20s and 30s, by focusing on topics like buying a home, retirement savings and debt elimination.
  8. Stock Market Beat: This blog’s tagline reads, “Our beat: The stock market. Our job: Beat it.” Stock Market Beat offers expert insight into the stock market and economy in general so that you too can beat the stock market.
  9. The Kirk Report: Charles E. Kirk has been trading stocks for more than 12 years and he wants to pass his knowledge into others. He blogs to help the “little guy” make smart and informed investment decisions.
  10. Get Rich Slowly: Get Rich Slowly isn’t about hype, fads or schemes. This blog is simply about how to better manage your money in order to be rich down the road. It offers tools, articles, and advice for a lifestyle of savings and discipline.



Heather Johnson is a freelance business, finance and credit writer, as well as a regular contributor for BusinessCreditCards.com a site for comparing business credit card offers. She welcomes questions, comments, and freelancing job inquiries at her email address.


  1. colin syme says

    Yes the times are a changing! tips on riding the depression:
    1. shop local, less choice, but you spend less.
    2. get that clever neighbour to repair your car,rather than buying a new one.
    3.only buy clothes at the sale shops(last years fashion,so what)
    4. sell your home and rent.
    5.cancel your phone contract: get a pay as u go.
    6.cancel your cable contract,buy a second-hand VCR
    go to second-hand shops for old VCR tapes 50p each
    7. dig up your roses,plant vegetables-be careful to do this at rear of house or your neighbors will help themselves to your hard work–they will be starving by then!
    8.shop for food daily,buy exactly what you need! no more.
    9. switch your power off during the day, only use electricity at night.
    10.phone social workers and get your kids taken into care.
    11.every month buy a gold coin and hide it somewhere.
    12.keep as little as you can in your bank,hide the rest in a tin in your garden, tell nobody where you put it,not even your wife/husband.
    13.for the first time,become a receiver,not a giver to your church.
    14.say hi! to that wild looking hobo that pushes a supermarket trolley–full of junk, around the neighbourhood.—- he is going to be your next financial advisor!

    welcome to the new world order.

    colin syme (edinburgh scotland)

  2. says

    As someone who’s trying to pay off all credit card debt this year, this is an excellent post. I’m going to check out each of these blogs right now.

  3. says

    These are some more than decent resources which are definitely worth taking into consideration, it’s always great to see others mentioning blogs they find useful.

    Alan Johnson

  4. says

    Its a good list and I read almost all of them regularly! But I have to say that my favorite is Get Rich Slowly!

    About a month ago I started my own Finance Blog that will hopefully one day be among the 10 best Personal Finance blogs around. Have a look at http://mmmoney.org

  5. says

    Love the hobo comment. All of our finance blogs are going to light up with this new rate drop. It’s really good time to have money for new investments.

    If you don’t have money, well it’s all the same I suppose?

  6. says

    Great list of sites. It is good to see that several of them deal directly with debt. Debt is the anchor around the American consumer’s neck. If we would control our debt to a minimal level difficult economic and financial times would not affect us as much as they do now. Being debt free is beautiful. Being debt free is better than buying that new car every three years.

  7. says

    Get Rich Slowly is a daily read. JD always posts quality stuff, and it’s led to a great community of readers. The comments are sometimes even more helpful/useful than the original already-very-useful post.

    If you’re looking for even more great PF blogs, check out Wise Bread’s giant directory of PF blogs — we’re currently tracking 212 PF blogs and adding more every week. You can rank the posts by various metrics like Feed subscribers, Technorati, Twitter followers, Inbound links, Alexa, PR, and more.


  8. says

    Wisebread and get Rich Slowely are both awesome offerings and I have to make sure I follow your links to some of the other sites… The Mmillionaire at 33 looks interesting…


  9. says

    I really like stock market beat. It’s a great list here. i was amazed it’s really quite interesting to read. These all !0 Finance are great list and useful to save money. I really enjoyed to this.


  10. says

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