10 Reasons Clients Buy from Freelancers

Sales is a vital part of freelancing.

Whether you’re offering your services or a product such as an eBook or WordPress theme, if you can’t sell then you won’t get any clients. So, every freelancer should learn more about sales.

In this post, we’ll talk specifically about the reasons that many clients decide to make a purchase. We’ll also talk about how you can use the information you learn about your clients to become better at sales.

10 Reasons Clients Buy

What causes a client to make a purchase decision?

Surprisingly, while need may drive a client to shop, need rarely closes a sale. That’s because for nearly everything that a potential client might need there are usually multiple freelancers to choose from.

If need doesn’t cause a client to make a final purchase decision, what does?

Here are ten sales motivators that every freelancer needs to know and understand:

  1. Price–I put this sales motivator on the list, not because it is the most important, but because it is out there. There are, in fact, clients who make their purchase decisions based primarily on price. However, if you’re serious about earning a living as a freelancer, this should not be the group that you target.
  2. Prestige–It is true that some people purchase a product or service for the prestige of it. For most freelancers, however, this will not be the sales motivation for your clients. Even extremely well known freelancers find that they are not so well known outside of freelancing circles. However, if you happen to be famous…
  3. Convenience–This is a huge motivator for many clients. If a client perceives that you have made the purchase easier for them, they are more likely to buy from you. Remember, that there is also a convenience factor tied to getting repeat business. It is often easier for a client to work with a freelancer that they already know.
  4. Reputation–A freelancer’s reputation is a crucial asset that needs to be protected. A good freelancing reputation is priceless, while a bad freelancing reputation can sink a business. This is why I always advise freelancers to be careful about what they do and say online.
  5. Fear–Fear can be a powerful motivator. A prospect may be afraid for many reasons. They may be afraid to use your services. Or, they may be afraid not to use your services. If you think fear is affecting one of your clients, it’s a good idea to discover the root of their fear.
  6. Expectations–To some extent, building expectations is what sales is all about. If your client expects great things from you, then they are more likely to buy from you. Just make sure that you can actually live up to their high expectations, or you may ultimately have an unhappy client on your hands.
  7. Trust–Most business relationships are based on trust, but this is especially true for those freelancers who do their work online. This is because many clients don’t get to meet their freelancers face-to-face. If a potential client doesn’t believe that you will deliver they will not buy.
  8. Relationship–Relationship is linked to trust. If you can build a strong relationship with a potential client, they are more likely to hire you when they are looking for someone with your skillset. People prefer to do business with those who they know and are comfortable with.
  9. Value–Over and over again I’ve stressed that value needs to be a big part of any freelancer’s marketing program. If you can’t provide real value to your clients nearly all of the other motivators will be negatively impacted.
  10. Add-ons–Everybody loves a bargain. Or, at least, almost everybody does. Bundling services and products together can help push an undecided prospect towards becoming a client. This is especially true if they believe that they are getting a good deal. What can you add on to your services to make them irresistable?

What to Do Now

Take a look at this list of sales motivators. How are you selling your freelancing business?

If you’re using a negative motivator, such as price or fear, try to switch your marketing so that you’re motivating your clients in a more positive way. Try focusing on value and trust instead.

If you didn’t recognize any of these motivators, it may be time to talk to your clients. Find out what factor really caused them to buy.

Finally, after reviewing the list, you may be able to discover a new marketing direction for your freelancing business.

Your Turn

Did I forget any sales motivators? Which ones?

Which motivator causes most of your clients to make a purchase from you?

Share your answers in the comments.