10 Reasons to Love Freelance Blogging

I fell into freelance blogging somewhat by accident almost a year ago, and at first I fought the idea. However, I decided to give it a chance temporarily, and in case you didn’t notice the title of this post, it really grew on me.

I know some of the readers of Freelance Folder are also doing some work for blogs, but I think there are probably even more who find the experience to be extremely rewarding. If you’ve never given freelance blogging a chance, here are 10 reasons to reconsider.

1. Flexibility

Most freelance writing gigs are just part-time and require only an hour or so each week. If you’re writing a weekly post for a blog you may have a particular deadline for your contributions, but you can work on it throughout the week whenever it’s convenient for you. I have several weekly writing assignments and I typically get them done whenever I’m feeling inspired and in the mood for writing.

Very rarely does freelance blogging require so much of my time that it has a real impact on my schedule. Of course, this depends on the types of jobs you take and the how many of them, but to get started with one or two you should be able to still have a great deal of flexibility.

2. Networking

If you’re looking to get connected to some influential people in the blogosphere, freelance writing is one of your best options. You’ll get the opportunity to work with people that you respect and you’ll have the chance to prove your own value.

Working as a team with other writers and with blog owners can lead to strong connections and can lead to many other opportunities.

3. It Can Increase the Value of Your Own Work

As a freelance blogger you’ll be able to build valuable name recognition that can help anything you do. Whether it is helping your own blog build an audience or helping you to earn a reputation for some other type of freelance services, name recognition can be very powerful.

You’ll find that other people know who you are and want to work with you because they are familiar with your work on other blogs.

4. Potential Income

Like any other type of freelance work, there is a wide range of income available. Some will want you to write for a few dollars, and others may be willing to pay $100 or more for a well-written article.

Overall, I’ve been surprised by the money that is available, and I only see that increasing as multi-author blogs are becoming more and more popular. If you stick with jobs that meet your payment expectations, you can easily make some good money with freelance blogging.

5. Repeat Work

A high percentage of freelance blogging gigs require a commitment to write a post with specific frequency, usually weekly. While this can somewhat reduce the flexibility mentioned earlier, it can also help to give you a nice, steady income.

If you’re used to spending much time looking for work or dealing with potential clients, you’ll really like the idea of a weekly article to write.

6. Variety

As a freelance blogger you can write for a number of different blogs if you want to, which will allow you the opportunity to cover different subjects and get some variety in your work.

You can even turn a hobby into paid work. In addition to just writing about different topics, if you’re currently doing other types of freelance work, blogging can be a nice change of pace.

7. It’s a Learning Experience

Most likely you will continue to learn a lot as a freelance blogger. You’ll always need to have new ideas, and you’ll find yourself researching posts and stretching your knowledge and your creativity.

I know I’ve learned a lot more about the subjects that I cover just through the experience of continually developing new content. Blogging in general, whether it’s on your own or paid writing for someone else, will push you to learn new things in order to attract new readers.

8. Your Success Builds on Itself

Most of the freelance blogging work that I’ve gotten has been unsolicited. Those who are looking to hire bloggers are going to be watching what they see at other blogs. If you’re doing a good job somewhere else you’ll be a good candidate.

Writing for a high-profile blog can bring plenty of new opportunities and offers to write for others. From my experience it seems that there are plenty of willing freelance bloggers, but not enough who are qualified and able to produce results.

I expect the need to continue to rise as new blogs are being launched at an incredible rate. For those who are successful, there should be plenty of opportunities.

9. There’s No Need to Run the Blog

Many people enjoy writing posts but don’t want to handle tasks like moderating comments, maintaining the site, marketing, finding and handling advertisers, etc. As a freelancer, in most cases all you’ll be responsible for is completing the post (although being active in the comments is a good practice).

If you don’t have the time or desire to handle everything involved with blogging for profit, consider just doing the writing.

10. Quick Projects

My two primary services are blogging and web design. Building a website obviously can take a pretty big chunk of time, but blog posts can be produced relatively quickly.

After working on something that’s typically very time consuming, it’s nice to start and finish a project in just an hour or two.

What’s Your Experience?

Have you done some work as a freelance blogger? If so, what was your experience? If not, is it something that you would pursue?

Steven Snell


About the author: Steven is a website designer and blogger for Vandelay Website Design. His blog contains frequent posts on the subjects of web design, marketing, SEO, and blogging. He also runs Traffikd, a blog about internet marketing and social media.


  1. says

    Nice article Steven. I have been doing freelance blogging for the past 3 months now and I consider myself to be very lucky to get gigs with blogs like Freelance Folder and Dumb Little Man. ( Thanks Jon and Jay !! )

    All the aspects which you have talked about are quite true and certainly freelance blogging can be rewarding, provided you love writing and got the passion to write better and better.

    I thank you too for your sound advice, through your articles and through the conversations which we have had in the past, which has helped me in various ways in my work as a freelance blogger/writer.



  2. says

    Thanks for confirming that I’m not alone! Yes, you do have some really good gigs already – keep up the good work. I’m glad that our conversations have been helpful for you.

  3. says

    Steven – Great post! I’m just getting into blogging now, and love the potential. http://buildathrivingwritingbusiness.blogspot.com/

    Aside from my usual writing projects for clients, it’s been awesome helping other writers get started in building their own writing businesses. I’ve got a regular newsletter, but those articles are longer. I love the newsletter, but the blog’s so great for having more interaction, being able to do quick posts, linking to other cool stuff I’ve found (like your blog!), and even for generating some income. What’s not to love?!

    I think it’s really, really important for freelancers to spend time every day working on extra streams of (relatively passive) income. It can take a while to get traction on an IM business, so better to start sooner than later – this post is a great resource for getting started. Thanks!

  4. says

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it’s good for freelancers to work on some other sources of income. I guess that’s not a passion for all freelancers, but when the interest is their, I certainly think it should be pursued.

  5. says

    Great article, Steven. Freelance blogging is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started in freelancing from just a blog only. It’s one of the few ways you can begin making money without spending any.

  6. says

    I don’t get paid to blog, but I do get paid for providing web content. The ironic thing is that my own personal blog is what led others to find me. Without my personal blog, I probably would never have had a chance to land the paying jobs.


  7. says

    Steven, great article. The bulk of my work now is freelance blogging, and I certainly
    recommend freelance blogging to any writer looking for steady and less formal writing work (than say traditional journalism or technical writing, for example). Of course, there are some down sides too, like having to be more choosy about the clients I take on. Each client is a daily (or semidaily) commitment now on an ongoing basis — whereas web writing work or newsletter writing, copy etc, gigs used to be more occasional or one-off jobs for me. But I do prefer the blogging work by far!!

  8. says

    Quite frankly I heard about this several times but it always makes me wonder were do people get ideas to blog bout.

    For me to have my blog weekly updated I have to do something that allows me to take photos and write a topic that I think it is interesting.
    Now imagine if someone order me to write about other subjects ? maybe it is because I really try to keep the blog original and mine.

    I don’t know I think the decision depends o the topics or the blog content.

  9. says

    Well said. I am trying to start blogging about my love of fantasy football. I am currently looking for opportunities to really showcase my ability to write about fantasy football. Great artice.



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