15 Useful Twitter Tools For Web Workers

If there was a popularity contest between social media platforms, I am sure Twitter would be the winner. Networking, trends, and search features all On its own, twitter is a great service, but without third party applications it wouldn’t be what it is today.

With this in mind, there are hundreds of third party applications to make twitter easier and better to use. But who has time to try them all? In an effort to streamline the list to only useful apps, I have created a list of 15 apps that should do the job, at least it does for me.

If you are new to twitter, please click here for a visual map on how you can utilize twitter.

15 Useful Twitter Tools

  1. Tweet a file : Tweetafile brings an important email functionality to the simple world of Twitter – attachments. Through Tweetafile, Twitter users can send any files (images, PDFs, Docs, videos… whatever) to all of their followers or via direct message to individuals.
  2. Remember The Milk : If you use Remember The Milk to manage your tasks, you can do so via twitter using this app. Add Remember The Milk as your twitter friend and simply DM to add or interact with your tasks.
  3. Twittonary : If you are new to twitter, some of the words twitter users use can be quite confusing. Get help from a twitter dictionary and learn the “twitter lingo.”
  4. Twonvert : 140 character limitations at times can really hold you back. This app converts your text into SMS shorthand language and allows you to say more with less characters.
  5. Twist : Allows you to see “hot trends” on twitter. You can also use the search box to see what people are saying about a particular thing and how much buzz it is creating.
  6. WhosTalkin : Although this app isn’t specifically for twitter, it is a very useful twitter tool. It allows you to search conversations that you are interested in. This helps you interact with like minded people or the whatever subjects interest you at that point in time.
  7. TweetWhatYouSpend : Manage your spending online using twitter. Create an account and use Twitter’s “DM” feature to send tweets. You can export a spending journal later as an Excel or CSV file.
  8. TwitterJobSearch : This service allows you to find job postings on twitter. If you are looking for a “web design” gig, simply enter web design to see what jobs are available related to web design.
  9. IsTwitterDown? : If you are a heavy twitter user this service might be quite useful. It allows you to find out if twitter is down for everyone else or just for you. The page displays a simple answer “Yes” or “No.”
  10. Twiddeo : Upload videos to Twiddeo from your camera phone while on the go. The service then generates a link and posts it to twitter for your friends and followers to see.
  11. TwitterCal : This tool connects your twitter account to your Google calendar. You can add events to Google calendar from twitter by sending direct messages to gcal.
  12. TwitterFeed : Twitterfeed helps you send your Blog RSS feed or atom to twitter and also lets you track the number of clicks your feeds are generating.
  13. PollDaddy : Create polls and post it directly on twitter. This can be extremely valuable when you are researching a subject or need user feedback.
  14. LinkBunch : Due to character constraints, it can be quite hard to send more than one link in a tweet. If you need to send multiple links in one tweet (example : a post that has part1,2,3…), this service can be useful. It collects all links and gives you one shortened link that you can post on twitter.
  15. Tweetdeck : One of the best desktop twitter apps out there. Tweetdeck helps you sort your friends and followers in groups and also helps you manage replies, DMs and search results.

Bonus :

su.pr : This is a new URL shortening service from Stumbleupon. I find this to be one of the best URL shortening tools since it allows you to do more than any other services out there. Also since it is a service from StumbleUpon, your shortened URLs are shown with SU toolbar which increases the chances of getting traffic through StumbleUpon as well. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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I am sure almost everyone reading this post is using twitter (if you are not, you should). Please feel free to share the twitter apps you most frequently use in the comments.

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