20 Best Flat Design Templates

A website is only as interesting as its design renders it. We’ve all had the pleasure of knowing just how engaging flat design is, and that the web community hasn’t just relied heavily on this style over the past year – but still continues to support the trend with mounting enthusiasm. If you’re smart, then you, too, will continue to use this type of design in the making of your next websites.

It’s a minimalist approach that delivers straightforward visual statements by deliberately not using 3D-generating elements such as embossing, drop shadows, textures, bevels or gradients. The average visitors are a lot more likely to embrace a simple interface rather than a skeuomorphic one, because it’s fast to grasp and easy to use.

With flat design, the accent is actually placed on a good choice of typography, light animation techniques, and imagery, as well as on making buttons and icons stand out so that users get a clear understanding of what they have to do from the first seconds of entering a site. Apart from appealing to the general public, flat design has a lot of space for passionate designers to get creative and come up with something that looks fresh.

How do you feel about using templates? Some graphic designers may regard it as cheating, but the fact stands that, if you choose a layout that already looks amazing, it will save you a lot of trouble to begin with. TemplateMonster wields one of the heftiest collections (20K) of stunning themes ready for any use, and it would make the perfect source if you’re a flat style fan.

Rest assured that TemplateMonster gives you many options to choose from (did you know that 500 new layouts are accepted as each month goes by?), and that its database enjoys a widespread positive reputation. Nothing short of excellent makes it through the scrutinizing selection process.

A great variety of flat themes can be found here, as this huge collection rounds up templates that are ideal for e-Commerce websites and especially sites created and published on WordPress or Joomla. TemplateMonster is unique in the sense that it offers themes that aren’t strictly flat – but mixed to reflect their makers’ exquisite taste and experience without any grounded limitations.

Glimpse into the high quality that you’ll find on this platform by looking below this article. Feast your eyes on 20 of the most spectacular flat design layouts coming from this remarkable library! They are some of the best-looking items, but there’s a lot more where that came from – so be sure to visit TemplateMonster in your own due time if none of these layouts are what you really need.


T-shirt Shop WooCommerce Theme


Details |  Demo


Print Shop Responsive Website Template


Details |  Demo


Book Reviews Responsive Website Template


Details |  Demo


Hosting Responsive WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo


Skydiving Responsive Website Template


Details |  Demo


Music Store Responsive Jigoshop Theme


Details |  Demo


Marketing Agency Responsive Joomla Template


Details |  Demo


Food & Drink Responsive Joomla Template


Details |  Demo


Full JS3 Template Website Template


Details |  Demo


Cafe Responsive Joomla Template


Details |  Demo


Insurance Responsive Drupal Template


Details |  Demo


Marketing Agency Responsive WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo


Fitness Responsive Website Template


Details |  Demo


Air Conditioning Responsive Website Template


Details |  Demo


Basketball Responsive WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo


Cafe And Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template


Details |  Demo


Fancy Restaurant WordPress Theme


Details |  Demo


Marketing Agency Flash CMS Template


Details |  Demo


Hipster Dressed ZenCart Template


Details |  Demo


Cleaning Responsive Website Template


Details |  Demo