20+ CRM Tools for Freelancers

How do you keep track of your business contacts?

You know that it’s important to build relationships with your clients and prospects, but to be honest; you have trouble keeping track of them.

What if there was a tool that could help jog your memory about your clients and contacts and keep track of your last contact? That would save you time and possibly help you get more projects, right?

Well, guess what? Such a tool exists (and it’s not a card file or paper address book). In this post, I’ll briefly explain what customer relationship management (CRM) software does and list over twenty CRM options for freelancers.

What Is CRM?

What is customer relationship management and how can you use it? Several years ago, Thursday Bram wrote a great explanation here on Freelance Folder, The Freelancer’s Introduction to CRM.

Be sure to look at Thursday’s post for a more detailed explanation. In a nutshell, CRM software lets you keep a record of information about and your interactions with current and prospective clients. With the right CRM system, freelancers make sure that they follow through on every lead.

Thursday’s post recommended three CRM systems for freelancers:

  1. ZOHO CRM. This is a great tool that integrates with many popular software tools. You can easily track leads, prospects, and business opportunities. There are various pricing levels available, depending on the number of users and there is also a mobile version.
  2. Salesforce. Another good option for freelancers, Salesforce makes use of the sales cloud to let you find the information you need. There is a special focus on social media. You can integrate your email and pricing levels based on the number of users.
  3. Highrise. This CRM tool can also help you to track clients and prospects. It interfaces with popular software. There’s even an iPhone app. It has several levels of service, and it is currently a pay as you go service.

Of course, there are even more CRM options available. Let’s take a look at some of those.

18 More CRM Tools

There are many other great CRM tools you may wish to consider for your freelancing business. In alphabetical order, here are eighteen more tools to consider:

  1. BatchBook. This tool was designed specifically for small businesses with a limited budget. You can track contacts and even social media activity. There are currently five levels of service.
  2. Big Contacts. Another great option for small businesses. This tool includes mobile access and features a unique contact dashboard. You can import contacts from other software.
  3. Daylite. The CRM is designed specifically for the Mac. There’s a calendar and mail integration. There’s also an iPhone and iPad version of the tool for mobile freelancers.
  4. Infusionsoft. This is another tool developed with the small business in mind. It’s focus is on CRM, marketing, and e-commerce. It also features strong email marketing tools.
  5. Insight.ly. A user-friendly CRM featuring a way to keep track of all of your contacts. This tool is designed around Google Apps. You can also track tasks and milestones.
  6. Landslide. This cloud-based CRM tool was recently acquired by j2 Global, so it will be interesting to see what develops. The tool has many features including social and mobile tools.
  7. OnContact. This tool features automation and can also be used to improve client support service. There are three different levels of functionality available.
  8. Oprius. Keep track of your professional relationships. Includes social media and email. There’s also a to-do list function. Designed for MLM businesses.
  9. PipelineDeals. This tool includes contact management, custom reports, email integration. It also integrates with Google apps. Unlike other tools, there is currently one low price.
  10. Plaxo. Use the cloud to track your contacts. Works like an online address book. There’s a free mobile interface and the basic version of this tool is currently also free.
  11. Sage ACT!. This another customer relationship management option for freelancers. This tool even has accounting integration. It also integrates with other popular software tools.
  12. Splendid CRM. This is an open source web-based CRM tool with various levels of functionality. It is a Microsoft Certified Partner.
  13. Stride. This tool is geared to the small business person. The tool is in beta at the current time, but the pricing at the time of publication looked very affordable.
  14. Stitch Labs. This new tool is geared towards those who sell products, although it could be used by others as well. Track the various channels you use to sell your products.
  15. SugarCRM. This is another very popular open-source, web-based tool. Use the cloud, access it through mobile devices, and integrate with social media.
  16. Vtiger. This online software application can help with your marketing needs and it’s comparable to some of the more expensive options. There are twenty different modules.
  17. Work etc.. This tool integrates CRM, project management and billing from within Gmail. There are mobile and web apps available. It also integrates with Google Apps.
  18. Xobni. This tool automates your address book using your Gmail and Outlook email accounts. There are versions for the Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

You can also find even more CRM tools listed in this post at Spyre Studios.

Your Turn

Do you use one of these CRM tools? Which one?

Did I leave out your favorite CRM tool? What is it?

Share your answers in the comments.

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