Eighteen More Helpful Twitter Applications for Freelancers

twitter-appMost freelancers agree that Twitter is a fun and useful social media tool that can help you network with peers and potential clients.

Twitter applications can help a freelancer to get even more benefits from Twitter.

Last summer we took a look at 15 Useful Twitter Tools for web workers. This post examines 18 more Twitter apps that freelancers might find useful and briefly explains what each one does.

Helpful Twitter Apps

Here are 18 helpful Twitter applications to help you get the most from your tweets:

  1. Twitpic–Fun application lets you share pictures on Twitter. You upload your photo on the TwitPic site and the URL is posted to your Twitter account. This could be a great way for designers and other whose work is visual to share.
  2. Twitterholic–Rates Twitter users by the number of followers, friends, and updates. The utility could be useful if you are looking for influential Twitterers to follow. However, I think this is mostly for fun.
  3. Twitturly–Site supposedly lists the most tweeted URLs in four categories: everything, news, pics, and videos. This could be useful for those looking for trending topics such as bloggers and web content creators. In my test, it didn’t seem consistent with other tweet counters.
  4. Twtpoll–Create a poll or survey and then post the link to your poll on Twitter. Be aware that unless you specify otherwise, advertisements will appear on your poll. This could be used for product or marketing research.
  5. Seesmic–You can stay involved in Twitter conversations without logging into Twitter, plus you can conduct searches and find users with similar interests. Seesmic has web, desktop, and mobile versions.
  6. Tweetmeme–Provides a Twitter button plug-in for posts and articles. It also tracks the most popular posts by category. You can also review which twitter users have tweeted a specific URL.
  7. Tweet Later–This is a full-featured Twitter/social media app that comes in a free and a professional version. Users can perform a variety of tasks including scheduling tweets in advance, tracking key works, and auto following.
  8. HootSuite–Another full-featured Twitter app that allows you to perform a variety of Twitter/social media tasks. Some tasks that you can perform include scheduling tweets, importing and managing Twitter lists, and tracking statistics.
  9. twtQpon–Helps you create coupons for a variety of social media sites including Twitter. This app could be really useful for small businesses and other companies who are Internet adept.
  10. DoesFollow?–Very simple app helps you discover which Twitter accounts are following each other. Answers the question “Does User A follow User B?” It could help you determine if those who you are following are following back. Despite the simplicity, I wasted a lot of time here.
  11. Tweet2Tweet–Helps you to see back and forth dialog between two Twitter users. This could be helpful to new Twitter users who find the Twitter interface confusing. In my tests, this app did not show direct messages or really old conversations.
  12. TwitHire–Microblogging service allows employers to post jobs. Freelancers and others looking for work can follow and will receive the job posting tweets. This is potentially a very useful service for freelancers.
  13. twInfluence–Discover the most influential Twitter users online through this analytical tool, or determine how influential your Twitter account is. Includes Twitseeker. (When I tested it, Twitseeker was not fully operational due to a change in Twitter’s policies.)
  14. Tweetie–Twitter app for mobile devices and the Mac. It allows you to share bookmarks, handle multiple Twitter accounts, search trends, and more. This looked like a fantastic app. Not having a Mac, I couldn’t test further.
  15. Twibs–This is basically a Twitter business directory. It could be very helpful to freelancers and those who hire them. If you know what type of business most of your clients are in use this to find and follow similar businesses.
  16. Twitter Alerts–Set up alerts to notify you when certain terms (like your name or your company name) are mentioned on Twitter. Freelancers can use this to help monitor their online reputation.
  17. TweetStats–Track a number of stats such as when do you make the most tweets and trending topics. It looks like parts of the site are still in development.
  18. TwitterCounter–Another application to track Twitter usage statistics. Find out who is the top user, how quickly you are gaining followers, and so on.

A Word About Security

Be careful about giving your social media passwords out to unknown applications. Several Twitter applications have been hacked in the past and the user’s data exposed. Always check the reviews of a social media application carefully before you entrust it with your personal data. Twitter support has some specific recommendations for users.

What Is Your Favorite Twitter App?

Do you use any of these Twitter apps? Which ones? What do you think of them?

Do you have a favorite Twitter app? Whether it’s on the list or not, why not share it here?

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