2007-08-19 – Sunday Links Folder

I know you probably still have some freelance work to do, to make sure you deliver that super important project on time (monday morning right?), but you know, it’s always a good idea to take a break, so please have a look at those 9 posts, I’m sure you’ll find it was worth your time. And maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

Here we go:

Now go back to work! :)



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    I’m in good company here! Thanks for including me in this group of top-notch posts! Here’s to us all getting the creative time we need to get our freelance work done!

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    David, you’re very welcome! Yep, all is well on my side, seem it’s all good on your side also :)

    AgentSully, you’re welcome! I really like the “sitting in your car” part in your post, it’s so true.

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    Hey Jon,

    A “learning break” … that’s a great idea. Our brains have a way of working on tough problems in the background while we’re consciously taking in new ideas or just chillin’ .

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    David, hey that’s nice, enjoy yourself. I’ll definitely stop by, I’d love to make a trip to Europe, opefully that’ll happen soon :)

    Shane, totally, it’s always nice to take a break, everything seems to make more sense when you get back to work after.

    Sully, same here, some people hate to wait for others, but I find this time really good for creativity, just bring a note pad, sit there, write, wait for the person. Got a lot of great ideas just “sitting in the car” :)

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