2007-09-16 Sunday Links Folder

Put your to-do list away, go get a coffee (tea would be better though), sit back, relax, and enjoy those posts/articles. I’m sure you’ll learn something new.

By the way, Christine from Create Business Growth just started a new blog: Self Made Chick (love the title), check it out, looks really promising!

So, how was you week? ;)

  • Web Worker 101: 5 Ways to Find Help
  • Freelancer’s Guide to Sales: You’ve Got the Cookie
  • How to Write Remarkably Creative Content
  • 101 Reasons Freelancers Do it Better
  • Increase Your Effectiveness: Identify And Focus on the Essential
  • Project Management Blogs – How to Run Your Project on the Web
  • Thirteen Tricks to Motivate Yourself
  • Making the Toughest Business Decisions You’ll Ever Have to Make
  • Have a great day!
    Take care!


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    1. says

      Thanks for the link Jon. Your blog is new to me and I’m glad to have found it. We definitely write on similar topics & I really like your content. I’ll definitely be reading it from now own.

    2. says

      Hi Christine, you’re very welcome Christine. Thanks for your kinds words, really appreciated :)

      Shane, welcome, and thanks for stopping by, I stumbledupon your blog recently and really like it, we do write on similar topics, I’m all for giving some link love to some great blogs :)

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