2007-10-28 Sunday Links Folder

Sunday is here again (beautiful day here), time for a short break from “doing as much work as I can before Monday “. I read some really great posts this week, and I would like to share some of them with you folks.

Before you go read these posts, did you know that “Teaching Sells” is now live? This was created by Brian Clark and Tony D. Clark (they’re not related). There is also a free report available for download.

Now, on to the list :)

  • 110+ Resources For Creative Minds
  • 14 Tips for Moving From Full-Time to Freelance Work
  • Freelancing Mistakes: Don’t Give Your Clients What They Want
  • 10 Realities of Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Your Freelance Business Locally
  • Time Management #1: Why You Need to be Organised to be Creative#2 #3
  • Make Money Online with Freelance Writing
  • 5 Reasons to Sell Some of Your Content
  • Hope you enjoyed reading these!

    Take care


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