2007-11-03 Saturday Links Folder

Hello everyone, I hope you had a productive week! Take a short break, just a couple of minute, your to-do list will still be there when you come back, and read these posts. I found them really interesting, so of course I want to share them with you folks.

Also, quick update, FreelanceFolder now has a PageRank (finally!), Google decided it was worthy of a PR4, which I’m quite happy with. But what really makes my day though, is when I look at my Feedburner account and I see 1,450-1,500 readers, that really makes me happy! Thanks so much to all of you for the support, the e-mails and the questions, and of course for reading and commenting on our posts!

Ok, so now go ahead and click away! :)

And last but not least, my blogging friend Deron from RandomJabber launched a new CSS gallery website called NiceStyleSheet, check it out!

Have a great Saturday!

Take care



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