2008-05-25 – Sunday Links Folder

Hello fellow freelancers, hope you’re having a great week-end and don’t have too much stuff left on your to-do list! I read some very nice posts this week, and of course I’d like to share them with you :)
Sunday Links Folder

Here we go:

Shane & Peter got 2 things for us:

  • First of all, for those of you who live in the Bay area, you might be interested in Freelance Camp. I wish I could be there!
  • Also, if you don’t have a contract or have no idea how to create one, Peter has a solution! Download their contract and use it as a starting point. Just make sure it fits your needs and have your lawyer check the terms and conditions.

Voila! I hope you found these useful. Enjoy the rest of this long Memorial Day week-end! :)