25 iPhone Apps For The Mobile Web Worker

One thing that most of us enjoy as a freelancer is being able to work from anywhere. There was a time when we would hit the coffee shops and start using the internet for a fee. That era was quickly replaced by the laptop packing web workers. Although phones are not quite able to replace the functionality and power of a laptop just yet, it’s getting closer day by day. Meet the new mobile friend of many freelancers — the iPhone.

These days iPhones are all the rage. Some people carry one to show how cool they are, and others due to all the possibilities it provides us with. I personally bought one a while back, initially just wanted to be a part of the cool group, however, after using it for a couple month it has slowly started to replace the need to take my laptop everywhere. Below is a list of 25 iPhone apps that I find myself using quite often, and that could be seriously useful to you as a mobile web worker.

iPhone Apps for The Mobile Web Worker

  1. QuickBooksOnline : If you are a Quick Book user this should help you keep track of finances while on the go. The link will take you to the mobile version.
  2. iZoho : I have been using Zoho for quite sometime and the iPhone app allows me to take my office wherever I go.
  3. Twitterific : It would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t use twitter these days. Download twitterific on your iPhone and tweet away.
  4. Wikipedia : It’s hard to think what the web would be without Wikipedia. This app will allow you to access the vast information on Wikipedia from your iPhone.
  5. SugarSync : App that allows you to remotely access your PC or Mac. You’ll have to first install the software on your computer.
  6. ThumbJot : A simple app that  makes jotting notes on your iPhone quick and easy.
  7. Evernote : Similar to ThumbJot but with more functions. This app allows you to take notes in text, image or audio form.
  8. iBillTo : Helps you keep track of your clients, billing rates and no. of hours you worked on a project.
  9. Torch : Organize your project information with the help of this app.
  10. iSpreadsheet : Access spreadsheets online. It allows you to manage both online and offline spreadsheets.
  11. Fring : Download this app to use different IM clients and keep in touch with all your friends, all from one platform.
  12. Palettes : Create and maintain color palettes using this tool. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a portable color creation tool.
  13. iTalkRecorder : Turn your iPhone into a recorder. Think about all the podcasts you can create while on the go without having to carry one more gadget.
  14. iBlueSky : A mind mapping app that will help you put your thoughts and organize on your iPhone.
  15. Files : Allows you to drag and drop file from PC or Mac.
  16. Paypal : This app will help you bill your clients while you are out drinking at the bar.
  17. WordPress : Got an idea that you want to share with your readers right now? If you don’t have access to your computer, you can now use your iPhone to quickly publish posts.
  18. Schmap : One of the perks of being a mobile worker is you get to travel. If you are out and about, use this tool to find attractions and things to do.
  19. Bookshelf : Turns your iPhone into a handy book reader with easy navigation buttons.
  20. Massageme : Had a stressful day? Use your phone as your personal massaging tool. This app uses the iPhone’s vibration motor to provide you with a relaxing massage.
  21. Equivalence : Equivalence makes your tedious, day-to-day conversions between unit systems a breeze. Less intensive conversions are even easier, which makes it great for simple and advanced users alike.
  22. Shapewriter : Instead of “hunting and pecking” letters, single gestures on a touch keyboard produce an entire word. A fun and useful app.
  23. BeamMe : Allows you to send your personal or business card from your iPhone to any other mobile device or computer, including BlackBerries, Android phones, Treos, Macs, PCs and more.
  24. Things : A simple and intuitive task manager for your iPhone.
  25. Etch A Sketch : Not really something that you need but I love Etch-A-Sketch (hopefully you do too). Download this app and you will be able to play the game on your iPhone.

Those are some of the apps that I use regularly on my iPhone. If you are an iPhone user please share some of the apps you’ve been using. I am sure we can turn this post into a useful iPhone App resource for freelancers through your comments.