29 Must-Read Freelancing Blogs from the Freelancing Community

Here at Freelance Folder we’ve shared a lot of blog resources that are relevant to freelancers. That’s because we believe that there’s a lot of good information out there and we want you to know about it.

However, it’s been a while since we’ve published our last list of blogs, so I decided it was time to compile another list. This time, however, I wanted feedback directly from the freelancing community, so I asked my Twitter community to share their favorite blog resources. This post is the result.

Writing Blogs

Here are the must-read writing blogs that the freelancing community selected:

  1. About Freelance Writing. In addition to freelance writing advice, Anne regularly lists freelance writing job opportunities.
  2. All Freelance Writing. This site is more than a blog. Rather, it’s more like a hub for all things related to freelance writing.
  3. Copyblogger. The team here competently covers what you need to know about commercial writing, particularly as it relates to the Internet.
  4. Dollars and Deadlines. Here’s a good place to find writing tips, advice, and other writing tidbits. This is from a seasoned freelance writing veteran.
  5. George Angus. A great blog with both nonfiction and fiction materials on it. If you like creative writing, check it out.
  6. Get Paid to Write Online. Here’s where you can get solid freelance writing advice from a solid, experienced writer.
  7. Ghostwriter Dad . What is ghostwriting anyway? Have you ever wondered? (Hint, it has nothing to do with ghosts and everything to do with writing.) You can find out here.
  8. Keyboardhussy.com. “Evelyn Lafont” is the keyboard hussy and she’s ready to share her opinions on nearly everything that had to do with writing and publishing.
  9. Make a Living Writing. This practical blog from Carol Tice delivers on the promise made by its name.
  10. Men with Pens. If you wanted to learn about writing AND be entertained, this straight-shooting blog is for you.
  11. The Renegade Writer. Another great blog about freelance writing with lots of practical advice.
  12. thursdaybram.com. Interesting information that is relevant to freelancers and the business side of freelancing and writing.
  13. Words on the Page. Lori Widmer shares her frustrations and experiences in a way that will seem familiar to nearly every writer.


Here are the must-read translation blogs that the freelancing community selected:

  1. Algo más que traducir. A Spanish language blog that discusses professional translation, the localization of video games, and translation technologies.
  2. Global2Local. This blog contains many great posts from Grace Bosworth about globalization issues. (Blog is in English.)
  3. Localisation and testing with Curri. Interesting blog from a freelance translator with gaming background. (Blog is in English, but there is a Spanish language version as well.)
  4. The Translator’s Teacup. Another great newsy blog packed with information for professional translators. (Blog is in English.)
  5. Transliteria. This popular blog about translation covers a lot of the issues that translators face. (Blog is in English.)

Freelancing/Business Blogs

Here are the must-read freelancing/business blogs (and resources) that the freelancing community selected:

  1. Anklebuster. I must say that I had a bit of trouble classifying this one. It’s not really a blog, but rather a resource aggregator with links to the author’s posts and various tools.
  2. BigBrightBulb. If you own a small business, this blog was written for you. It’s designed to help small business owners.
  3. Dr. Freelance┬«. This blog offers an “advice column” for freelancers and aspiring freelancers. There’s plenty of good information for everyone.
  4. IttyBiz. For unique marketing insights, engaging writing, and more–turn to this blog, which especially geared to small businesses.


Here are the must-read blogs about blogging that the freelancing community selected:

  1. kikolani.com. This well-loved blog does a good job of covering exactly what you need to know about blogging and social networking.
  2. Problogger. The premiere how-to blog about blogging for newbies and serious bloggers.
  3. BasicBlogTips. An engaging blog about blogging. The blog also covers social media concerns.

Social Media/Community

Here is the must-read social media/community blog that the freelancing community selected:

  1. Kommein. This eclectic blog contains a wide variety of interesting information from a professional blogger and community manager.


Here are the must-read blogs and resources that provide inspiration to the freelancing community:

  1. drawar.com. An invitation-only community for professional designers.
  2. YoungHouseLove.com. This blog discusses design. Not web design. Not even graphic design, but rather–interior design.
  3. zenhabits. Great blog filled with posts designed to help you live a simpler, more productive lifestyle.

Thanks to My Freelancing Community

A special thanks to those tweeting freelancers who answered my tweet and shared their must-read blogs:

Share Your Favorites

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I’d love it if this post would become a must-read resource for freelancers looking for good information, but it won’t be complete without your additions to the list.

Image by Angela Layana