3 New Twitter Apps I Can’t Live Without

If you’re like most freelancers, you probably rely a great deal on Twitter.

In this post, I will share three more extremely valuable new Twitter tools that I have started to use. They all make my busy online life way less complicated and help me to keep up with the ever-dynamic and lively Twitter in a timely manner.

Take a look. If you are a heavy Twitter user like me, I am sure they will be useful for you too.

1. Proxlet

Proxlet lets you mute the loud mouths in your Twitter stream.

Keeping up with your followers can be tricky enough. It can be even more difficult if your Twitter stream is cluttered with the same automated messages again and again. Here is a handy solution I find myself using more and more.

You may already know about the Facebook feature that allows you to “Hide this Post.” Proxlet gives you similar functionality and more, only for Twitter. This app goes beyond the muting of individual users. You can switch off the appearance of certain hashtags if some of your hashtags are tweeting too many tweets in a short time.

You can also avoid having spammy and automated tweets from apps that clutter your timeline using Proxlet. Simply type in the app name and those tweets vanish from your timeline like magic. I am using it for paper.li, foursquare and other apps I deem add no value to my timeline.

Why I can’t live without it: The reason this app is indispensable for me is because it works on my favorite Twitter clients like Tweetdeck and Twitter for Iphone–not just on Twitter.com

Caution: If you have muted some users temporarily, don’t forget to switch them back on again.

2. Buffer

Buffer is a new tool that lets you tweet consistently.

Given that I have just muted the loud mouths on my Twitter stream, it is only fair that I look carefully after the tweets I am sending out myself.

In order to create both quality and consistency I have started to use another super simple app for Twitter called Buffer. The app spreads your tweets out over the day, yet keeps you from annoying your followers with too many tweets back to back.

You simply put a few tweets into your Buffer. In return the app schedules these tweets for you during the day. To make the process even more seamless, I can add tweets to my Buffer from any page I am reading by using one of the handy browser extensions, which are available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The fact that I don’t need to schedule individual tweets, yet am required to write all tweets myself makes Buffer a tool that leaves you well on the genuine side of things. Making sure I don’t turn into an auto-bot is always a key element for my tweeting.

Why I can’t live without it: Apart from the fact that I simply hit the Buffer icon whenever I like an article, the analytics feature of Buffer nailed it right there. For every one of my buffered tweets sent I receive information about retweets, clicks and the reach of my tweets.

Caution: The app currently doesn’t have a mobile version.

3. BackTweets

Ever wonder who is linking to your URL on Twitter?

Before using BackTweets, I would click on the TweetMeme button or search on Twitter’s own search engine to get this information. The results would never satisfy me. I would miss some of the tweets and some of the links as users were using different links all the time.

Using Backtweets, I can finally track ALL tweets that are linking back to my own blog or website. You can search for links on Twitter and it also supports regular and shortened URLs. In addition, it will also find out about real time updates and email and RSS subscriptions.

Why I can’t live without it: What makes me use this app is that it has an API readily available for me to integrate the tool in a hassle free way. The fact that it is a highly polished tool that you can be sure that you have truly found ALL tweets makes it very recommendable.

Caution: Using Backtweets on the Pro plan comes with a price tag. At $100 a month, you should really think twice before making the move. Upgrade only if you will really use it.

Your Turn

These are my new and absolute favorite Twitter Apps. I recommend that you take a look at each of them.

How about you? New Twitter apps are coming out all the time. Are there any that make your life easier that I should know about? Let me know in the comments below.