3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Raise Your Rates

I know, I know, I’ve been telling you over and over again that you should take your rates and pump them up. But after reading a few eye-opening blog posts this week, I realized that raising rates might not be the best idea for you … unless you’re willing to take on a personal demon or two. Read through these three danger signs and see if they apply to you.

Reason #1 – You Aren’t Committed To Delivering A$$-Kicking Value.

Let’s face it – some people are serious about building strong businesses where everything they do makes the customer go “Damn! I’m glad I’m giving this guy/gal my money.” But some people aren’t. Maybe that someone is you. If you’re not willing to do the things that differentiate you and brand you as so awesome that you deserve more, than you’re not going to be able to sell someone on ponying up the extra dough.

Reason #2 – You Aren’t Confident Enough In Yourself

If you know you’re worth more, you’ll find a way to effectively communicate it to the client. You’ll have a list of references as long as your arm (and if you have only one reference so far, you’ll make it a nice long one). You’ll know enough about your skill sets and how they can solve your client’s problems to easily explain why the price they pay is dwarfed by the value they get. But maybe you’re not feeling the warm fuzzies when I bring this up. If you have trouble seeing yourself as the rockstar you are, read this and this.

Reason #3 – You’re Sloppy In Your Work

Far too many freelancers miss deadlines and don’t take their clients’ work as seriously as they should. Then they wonder why they don’t have the reputations that the other “big shots” do. But getting stuff done on time, and getting the right things done (i.e., getting crystal clear on exactly what the client wants) are critical to building the kind of reputation that makes higher rates a given. If you’re prone to miss deadlines, or you find yourself frequently misunderstanding the client’s intentions, get your act together and then charge accordingly. You’re worth it.

Bonus Reason #4 – You Leave This Post Without Leaving A Comment

Now I’m just kidding. Or am I? If you leave this post now, maybe you’re missing a chance to discover how to make raising your rates easier. Why don’t you leave your rate-raising advice here, and soak up the advice of others? Scroll down just a little further and do it now.

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