3 Ways To Keep Blogging From Killing Your Business

Blogs are great – don’t get me wrong – but it’s just too easy to get sucked into reading too many of them and pretending you don’t notice your productivity plummet. Here are 3 simple tips for guaranteeing that getting your blog fix doesn’t result in an overdose that kills your ability to rake in the dough.

Tip #1 – Separate Business and Pleasure

You know you’re going to read some blogs simply because they are fun to read, and not because they will have a direct bearing on your business. Nothing wrong with that … unless you’re letting that entertainment time eat away at the hours you should be billable. No matter your blog reading style – RSS, email, whatever – you should keep the blogs that help you make money separate from the ones that don’t. And then be sure to put off reading the ones that don’t until you do the things that do make you money.

Tip #2 – Save Blog Reading For Breaktime

You got into business for yourself to work your own hours, but the trick of that is to actually work when you’re supposed to. Just as checking your email in small, surgical strikes is a huge productivity habit, checking blogs should follow suit. Set aside 30 minutes here or there to check the blogs you like, then get back to work when the time comes. Do this, and you’ll never kick yourself again for spending too much time on blogs.

Tip #3 – Kill Most Of Your Subscriptions

This is a hard pill for most people to swallow, since it’s just so easy to become a pack rat when it comes to the list of blogs you’re subscribed to. There are so many great blogs out there it’s hard not to subscribe to them all, especially when you’ve read articles that you know will change your business. But in reality, you’re not going to have time to read everything, or do everything. So there comes a point where you simply have to narrow your list down to the blogs that will make the most impact on your business (and your life).

Let Blogging Serve You (Rather Than The Other Way ‘Round)

These 3 tips should help you make the decisions you need to in order to keep blog reading a tool that helps your business grow far beyond your wildest hopes. Stick with the blogs that help you rock out, spend just enough time in them, and before long you’ll be seeing the huge difference that “on-purpose” blog reading can make for your business.

So What Blogs Help You Rock Out?

What’s the single most important blog that drives your business and gives you the “game changing” tips you need to slam your revenue goals each month? Give your shout out below.

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