30 of the Best Online Marketing Resources for Freelance Designers & Others

Online marketing is an essential part of any business. It is as important as brochure and postcard printing, as television commercials, and as face-to-face networking. Most business owners know that within the realm of print marketing are a vast number of tricks, resources, and options to learn.

The same is true of online marketing.

With everything available for freelancers from banner ads to Google Adwords, affiliate marketing and SEO marketing, article marketing and online press releases, marketing on the web can set anyone’s head to spinning before they even begin the process.

Very often, freelancers are in charge of every detail of their business, including marketing. As mentioned before, marketing in and of itself can be very daunting, but when it is one of a hundred tasks that you have to accomplish every business day, it can be very tempting to just keep putting it on the back burner. Or maybe you attempt some marketing task now and again, but for the most part have let your original marketing efforts run themselves.

However, online marketing, like print marketing, needs to be monitored. This is why it is important for you as a freelancer to know about the many helpful resources that are available online. If you are just beginning an online marketing campaign, there are also plenty of excellent help at your fingertips.

In an attempt to help fellow freelancers, I’ve compiled a list of resources that you may need for your online marketing campaigns. With this list, I hope to save you time and to provide you with some of the best tools to help you succeed.

Advertising and Marketing Resources

Make the most of your advertising and marketing efforts with these five amazing tools:

  1. Adwords. One of the most popular forms of advertising on the web, Adwords places ads on Google searches. The site comes with a dashboard on which you can monitor your campaign.
  2. Professional On The Web. This site is a great place to interact with other professionals. Sign up and display your links from across the web, your services, and your portfolio.
  3. Text Link Ads. This company places text ads onto websites with high traffic. Not only does this service improve your traffic count, but it also helps you to sell more products because visitors have come to your site to make a purchase.
  4. Review Me. Receive reviews of your products, offers, or services from highly valued bloggers. Top bloggers with high traffic sites do the reviews, providing you with much needed exposure.
  5. Adbrite. This advertising exchange platform matches advertisers and publishers for a perfect fit. Get maximized ROI with this company’s incredibly sophisticated program. They serve impressions on over 100,000 sites a day.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is key for making your website a success.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools. Make the best of the way Google sees your site. Google sends you traffic so make sure to optimize for Google.
  2. Search Engine Rankings Checker. See your rankings in a few major search engines.
  3. Rank Checker Firefox Add-on. This is an exceedingly helpful add-on for watching your rankings, one of my favorites!
  4. WordTracker. Search out the right keywords to bring in traffic on this website.
  5. Online SEO Tools – The Ultimate Collection. A comprehensive list from Search Engine Journal gives you all the tools you need to be successful with your SEO campaign.


Forums are a great place to build relationships with your online community. Learn from others online with the following forum sites:

  1. Webmaster-Talk. Coding, design, SEO, hosting, and more are available from Webmaster Talk.
  2. WordPress. Get support from the WP forum.
  3. Digital Point. This Internet marketing and SEO forum can really be a valuable asset to learning secrets of marketing online.
  4. DesignersTalk. This forum is primarily focused on design with a few additional topics like advertising and SEO.
  5. Web Design Forum. Sign up to discuss a variety of different topics from design to affiliate marketing.

Stock Libraries

Need photos, fonts, icons, or templates for your website? The following are some of the most popular sites for finding such necessary items:

  1. ActiveDen. Buy stock audio, Flash, video, and fonts for as little as 50 cents!
  2. Veer. This site is royalty-free rights managed with illustration, type, photography, and more available at an affordable price.
  3. Stock.xchng. Free stock photography with prices ranging from free to very affordable.
  4. Ice Templates. Website templates in Flash and HTML are available on this site.
  5. Template Monster. The largest website template company on the web, you are sure to find the look you desire here.
  6. MyFonts. Tons of fonts and a font identification tool make this site a favorite for many.
  7. VectorVault. Find high quality vector illustration sets at very reasonable prices and available to download right to your desktop immediately.

Web Tools

When you are ready to set up a presence on the web, check out these sites:

  1. Squarespace. This publishing system for blogs and websites starts at only $12 a month.
  2. Rackspace. Excellent customer service and hosting, some consider this one to be the best of its kind.
  3. Media Temple. Media Temple offers hosting that is easy to set up and use.
  4. SiteKreator. Have an instant website in less than 30 minutes. All you have to do is add your customized content.
  5. StrongSpace. Online storage for your important files is a must for most freelancers these days. This one can handle your largest files.
  6. psd2html. Build html websites from Photoshop files through this site.
  7. PublicSquare . For easy publishing on the web, try this site. It maintains your blog so all you have to do is focus on blogging and communicating with your readers.
  8. WordPress. Probably the most popular among freelancers, WordPress makes creating and maintaining your website as easy as possible.

Marketing is not a task you should forgo simply because it is too daunting. Create a plan. Gather the resources you need. Then, commit to completing at least one online marketing task a day.

Keep the momentum going and you should soon your efforts bring the results you desire.

Your Turn

What are your favorite freelance design resources?

Image by Tony the Misfit