30 Sites Every Freelancer Should Visit and Utilize

30 sites for freelancersFreelancers are constantly searching for new resources. Sometimes these resources come in the form of browser plugins and other times as online tools to help us become more productive. There are countless tools, plugins, blogs, social networking sites and other resources out there that can be beneficial to freelancers.

You probably already know of a lot of these resources, but some of the quality ones may be hiding from you. Below you will find 30 sites (blogs, forums, and job boards) that I regularly use. Although there are more that I subscribe to, these are some that just can’t be missed.

Useful Blogs For Freelancers

  1. FreelanceFolder Jon C. Phillips, an amazing web designer is the founder of Freelancer Folder. It was later bought by Mason Hipp who is the current owner. Under Mason’s watch freelance folder has grown to be one of the top blogs in this particular niche. With 13,000 plus subscribers, Freelance Folder is definitely a blog you want to add to your feed reader (most of you already have –)
  2. FreelanceSwitchFreelance Switch is a part of the envato network. If you are looking for advice on freelancing, this is one blog that you want to add to your feed reader as soon as possible.
  3. Freelance-Zone Freelance-Zone has been around since 2002 serving the needs of freelancers. A site that has survived until now is certainly worth freelancer’s attention.
  4. 43FoldersThis blog has been around since 2004. Merlin Mann, the owner and writer talks about finding time and ways to do your best creative work. This is certainly one of the best blogs a freelancer can subscribe to.
  5. WakeUpLaterThe joy of freelancing is working when you want, where you want. Wake Up Later will help you gain some insight in that field. You can find freelancing advice, free stuff for freelancers and other tips and tricks.
  6. Problogger Everyone that is active in the blogosphere knows Darren Rowse. One of the first person who became a full time blogger, inspiring many others. If you are looking for some advice on how to become a full time blogger or an effective freelancer, Problogger offers some of the best tips that are out there.
  7. SmashingMagazine If you are pursuing your freelance career in designing, Smashing Magazine is your source for inspiration and ideas. This blog features designs and lists that are simply too amazing to be ignored. If you are a designer and have yet to check this blog out, trust me, you are missing on something really good.
  8. TheSimpleDollar Sure, it’s a finance blog. But thesimpledollar shares some of the tips that applies to us not just as individuals but as freelancers as well. Get your finances on track and subscribe to thesimpledollar.
  9. Noupe One of the fastest growing blogs and very popular among designers, Noupe offers insight and articles that cater to designers and web-developers.
  10. MenWithPens One of the best blogs for writers and freelancers. Men With Pens ranks no.2 among best blogs for writers. If you are a writer and plan on boosting your freelancing career in writing, these men have got all the advice that will help you become a top writer and an effective freelancer.

Forums For Freelancers

  1. TalkFreelance One of the popular forums among freelancers that has many segments allowing freelancers to discuss different aspects of freelancing.
  2. FreelanceLounge Another useful forum for freelancers to discuss freelancing topics and participate in discussions related to their field.
  3. Freelance UK Forum Pretty popular forum. Although this is a UK forum, since most freelance work happens over the web, location doesn’t really matter. This forum has topics on a wide variety of freelance topics. Go ahead and participate.
  4. eLanceTalk A forum for freelancers that is mostly dedicated to design, SEO and hosting along with other freelancing topics.
  5. FreelanceSwitch Forum A very popular forum among designers and web developers but also caters to other freelancing topics. This forum as you can imagine is a part of FreelanceSwitch.
  6. FreelanceFolder Forum A forum mostly utilized by the FreelanceFolder community. It’s simple, basic and has only 3 topics related to freelancing which I think covers almost everything.
  7. FreelanceWriting ForumPart of Freelancewriting and mostly focuses on the writers community and topics related to freelance writers.
  8. WhyDoWork A very popular forum with over 38,000 members. The forum is basically for people who work from home and most freelancers do just that. A great resource and community to be a part of.
  9. LogoPond A very active forum that mainly focuses on designers.
  10. WritersForum If you are a writer and want to get into freelancing, this forum will certainly cater to your need for discussion and answers to any questions you might have.

Job Boards For Freelancers

  1. Guru One of the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance talent.
  2. Elance Outsourcing to freelancers.
  3. GetAFreelancer For freelance programmers and designers.
  4. AllFreelanceWork Jobs for freelancers and contract workers.
  5. iFreelance Find or post freelance jobs.
  6. Sologig Get connected with freelance, consulting, and contract jobs.
  7. NoAgenciesPlease — A fee free direct recruitment service for new media freelancers.
  8. GoFreelance This site provides you with thousands of freelance gigs to choose from.
  9. FreelanceJobSearch — The name says it all, a place for you to search freelance jobs.
  10. GetaCoder — A freelance job site for programmers, coder, web developers, etc.

There are numerous other great resources for freelancers and this is not an extensive list at all. Please share some of the resources you know of (blogs, forums, job boards, articles) that might help a fellow freelancer out.