35+ Social Media Tools That Make Life Easier

adsense#diggrightMillions of people use social media on a regular basis, and many more are joining the ranks every single day.

With the number of people involved, and the enormous amount of time we all spend using social media, it’s only natural to try to save some time and make life easier on yourself.

We’ve compiled this list for just that purpose — over 35 tools that can help you do more with social media in less time.

Social Aggregators


the cosmic machine eventbox
EventBox is a mac-only program that integrates the top 5-6 social networks into a single program. From the looks of the site, it’s pretty too.

Flock Browser
flock social browser
Flock is a full-blown web browser that has been designed around social media. It integrates with dozens of services and helps make it easier for you to stay connected.
FriendFeed help’s combine all of your different social networks into a single feed. Make yourself easier to follow, or make it easier to follow others.
Yumeo is a social network that allows you to control many other social sites in one place.
Ping.fm makes it easier to update your social networks by connecting the most popular networks into one service.
Second Brain
Organize all of your content in one place, including bookmarks, files, etc…
Plaxo is a service designed to make it easier to stay in touch with people you care about.


Twitter Tools

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air application that helps organize and make sense of your twitters. You can group tweets based on search terms, time frame, and many other ways.
Twhirl is another desktop Twitter client. It adds the ability to cross-post tweets to other sites, post images to TwitPic, and search tweets (among other things).
TweetBeep is like Google Alerts only made for Twitter.
TwitBin is a small Firefox Extension that allows you to receive and send tweets anywhere in your browser.
Twidget is an OS X dashboard widget that let’s you keep up with your twitter account.
twitter on blackberry
TwitterBerry is a mobile twitter client for Blackberry users. It works over the data network with no need for SMS.
Twittelator Pro
twittelator pro
Twitelator is a newer iPhone app for twitter. This one has been recommended by several top users.
twit this
TwitThis is a social button to put on your website that helps promote your articles on twitter.


Digg Tools

Digg Toolbar
digg toolbar
A quick an easy toolbar that integrates with Firefox and provides most of the common Digg functions.
Website Cache View
digg cache view
Shows multiple cached versions of any website in case of the “Digg effect”.
Digg Alerts
digg alerts
It’s like Google Alerts for Digg.
Digg Notify
digg notify
Digg Notify is a desktop app that will display a little notification box with information every time someone Digg’s one of your stories.
Digg Alerter
digg alerter
Digg Alerter is a really cool desktop app that shows you a lot of Digg info. One version of this actually shows information about who’s ‘buried’ a story.
Digg Defender
This is a WordPress plugin that will save your site from going down under massive traffic by redirecting it through the Coral Cache network.


Tools For Webmasters

Digg Website Widget
digg website widget
Put a list of your latest Digg submissions into the sidebar of your website.
WordPress Twitter Tools
wordpress twitter tools
This is a WordPress plugin that let’s you pull your tweets into your blog.
StumbleUpon Website Buttons
stumble upon buttons
These StumbleUpon buttons make it very easy for visitors to stumble your articles.
Delicious Tagometer
delicios tagometer
The tagometer is an advanced Delicious button that shows how many users have tagged a post and with what categories.
twitter feed
TwitterFeed takes your latest post titles and posts them to your twitter account.


Miscellaneous Tools

Spokeo Search
spokeo social search
Social media search that makes it easy to find information from 41 different networks.
Voice-to-text, task organization, and much more. Post to twitter and many other services by calling in from your phone.
Gathera is an internet explorer plugin that aims to connect social media, email, messaging, and many more features into a single place.
Nielsen BuzzMetrics
Nielsen BlogMetrics BlogPulse
Search the blogosphere and track/find trends.
Infegy Social Radar
infegy social radar
(Commercial) Social Media Monitoring tool that helps track the web.
Open ID
Open ID is a single sign-on solution that is supported by many of the most popular web-apps and networking sites.


What Tools do you use?

This list is only a tiny scratch on the surface when it comes to social tools. Which do you recommend? Do you have any hidden gems?