5 Kinds of Blog Posts That Attract Clients

blog-postsBy now, you should already be familiar with the many benefits of blogging for freelancers. But, are some types of posts better than others for attracting clients?

I think so.

Below are five types of posts that seem better than others for either attracting prospects or turning prospects into clients.

1. Case Studies

In a case study blog post, you describe a specific project you completed for a client, what the goals were, what strategies you implemented, what results you got, and how your readers can do the same for their business.

This type of blog post is almost directly promotional of your services. It demonstrates that you know what you’re doing and that you get concrete results for your clients.

When publishing a case study, remember to change the client details to protect your client’s privacy. And so as not to be overly promotional, identify the take-away lessons for your readers.

2. How-To or Tutorial

In this blog post, you show your readers how to do something, step by step. This type of blog post lends itself very well to a video blog, particularly to demonstrate a particular software or other visible process.

Your readers may decide to skip the trouble and hire you instead.

3. Review of Products/Services

Reviews tend to be traffic magnets. Web savvy individuals almost always Google reviews of a product or service before they decide to buy it. Your review will be particularly weighty if you don’t stand to make monetary gains from it (that is, you’re not an affiliate or owner of the product/service).

To write a good review, make sure to include:

  • A general description of the product/service
  • A photo, illustration or even video depiction of the product/service
  • Your thoughts on a product/service
  • Who can benefit from it
  • How your readers can make the most of it, if they buy it
  • Alternatives to the product/service

4. Special Offers

This type of a blog post is particularly useful when you’re having a “slow season” (a term I prefer over “famine”). This is probably the most promotional type of blog you could publish, because you’re calling out for clients.

Your offer could include free consultation, a limited-time discount, or a special bonus (such as a free report, design, or other digital product relevant to your service) for every client who avails of a particular service.

5. Opinion Pieces on Upcoming Trends

Like the case study post, the opinion post has the potential to showcase your expertise and give you authority status in your field. However, this will happen only if you write the post properly. To do so, you have to keep abreast of developments in your industry, provide a unique insight, and possibly provoke an in-depth discussion.

Although an opinion post entails plenty of preparation and thought, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Don’t wait until a slow season to publish these client-getting posts. Schedule them into your blog editorial calendar regularly. Of course, you don’t want to do them too often. Intersperse them with purely informational posts.

What Did I Miss?

If you blog, which of these posts have you been writing and with what results? Or are there other types of client attracting blog posts I missed? Do share!

Image by Daquella Manera