5 Kinds of Blog Posts That Attract Clients

blog-postsBy now, you should already be familiar with the many benefits of blogging for freelancers. But, are some types of posts better than others for attracting clients?

I think so.

Below are five types of posts that seem better than others for either attracting prospects or turning prospects into clients.

1. Case Studies

In a case study blog post, you describe a specific project you completed for a client, what the goals were, what strategies you implemented, what results you got, and how your readers can do the same for their business.

This type of blog post is almost directly promotional of your services. It demonstrates that you know what you’re doing and that you get concrete results for your clients.

When publishing a case study, remember to change the client details to protect your client’s privacy. And so as not to be overly promotional, identify the take-away lessons for your readers.

2. How-To or Tutorial

In this blog post, you show your readers how to do something, step by step. This type of blog post lends itself very well to a video blog, particularly to demonstrate a particular software or other visible process.

Your readers may decide to skip the trouble and hire you instead.

3. Review of Products/Services

Reviews tend to be traffic magnets. Web savvy individuals almost always Google reviews of a product or service before they decide to buy it. Your review will be particularly weighty if you don’t stand to make monetary gains from it (that is, you’re not an affiliate or owner of the product/service).

To write a good review, make sure to include:

  • A general description of the product/service
  • A photo, illustration or even video depiction of the product/service
  • Your thoughts on a product/service
  • Who can benefit from it
  • How your readers can make the most of it, if they buy it
  • Alternatives to the product/service

4. Special Offers

This type of a blog post is particularly useful when you’re having a “slow season” (a term I prefer over “famine”). This is probably the most promotional type of blog you could publish, because you’re calling out for clients.

Your offer could include free consultation, a limited-time discount, or a special bonus (such as a free report, design, or other digital product relevant to your service) for every client who avails of a particular service.

5. Opinion Pieces on Upcoming Trends

Like the case study post, the opinion post has the potential to showcase your expertise and give you authority status in your field. However, this will happen only if you write the post properly. To do so, you have to keep abreast of developments in your industry, provide a unique insight, and possibly provoke an in-depth discussion.

Although an opinion post entails plenty of preparation and thought, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Don’t wait until a slow season to publish these client-getting posts. Schedule them into your blog editorial calendar regularly. Of course, you don’t want to do them too often. Intersperse them with purely informational posts.

What Did I Miss?

If you blog, which of these posts have you been writing and with what results? Or are there other types of client attracting blog posts I missed? Do share!

Image by Daquella Manera


  1. says

    Thanks for the post. I really think that the reviews and the how-to tutorials are gaining the trend in blogging. I found several blogs that actually had many guests because of their tutorials and reviews.

  2. says

    Along the same lines as #2, how about posts like “XX Places to Find Great Web Copywriters” or “XX Tips for Working With a Freelance Web Developer”? If clients are Googling those search terms, then there’s a good chance that they’re in the market for your area of expertise!

  3. says

    These are excellent things to post about. They help you showcase your knowledge and capabilities, as well as give an insight to your design process (specifically case studies).

    @Jordan, I’m thinking you want to be specific enough to show that you know what you’re talking about, but not too specific where their eyes will glaze over. The more specific and technical you get, the more the article becomes geared to fellow designers than the client.

    @Susan, Good suggestion on posting google-friendly resources

  4. says

    @Jordan – For a tutorial post, you’ll want enough detail so your readers can do it themselves. Of course, this means you have to assume a certain level of knowledge to begin with.

    @Susan – Yes, that would make a good client-getting post, too. Something along the lines of “What to Look for in a Graphic Designer,” or “50 Ways A Copywriter Makes You Money.” :-)

    @Yari – Thanks for commenting and responding to other comments!

  5. says

    Appreciate your efforts in putting this together.

    Case Studies, Special Offers Really works.. And some special Offers or Free Maintenance can attract client even better. Like web design with Free maintenance* for 2 years or so. As far as i know our trends change with the flow of the wind.

  6. says

    @Beth – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We do have to be constantly sensitive to what our clients want and be ready to respond. That’s how we become indispensable to them.

  7. says

    Lexi, Nice post. Case study = success story, a solid number 1. The How-to or Process Story, you nailed that: potential clients may read that, realize how much work and strategy is involved, decide they need to go with a pro. I think the dreaded link bait, SEO heavy post may work; think about the projects your potential clients need and search for, the key terms that bring people to your site, and work/write “backwards.” FWIW.

  8. says

    Excellent list, Lexi. Very helpful summation, even for those who do business blogging regularly. Reading it has really sharpened my thinking about the distinctions between types of posts, and I’m off to work on some reviews and tutorials!

  9. Melanie says

    How about “5 ways to…” or “5 things you should know about…”? That’s what made me click on this blog post! The knowledge that you’ll be receiving five discreet pieces of information tied together by a simple theme makes me think I can digest it quickly and gain useful insight without much time spent on my part.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, by the way!

  10. says

    Great article! It’s very useful:)
    I agree with Melanie – titles like ” top 10 rules …”, ” 5 ways to defeat copywriter’s block” and so on really attract readers!

  11. says

    I also found this article helpful. I am a freelance artist at Stanimation Productions. I travel all over the bay area of California to draw caricatures for birthday parties and other party events. I have tutorials on how to draw on my website blog. I also have a blog on Blogger, where I upload my most recent artwork. While my main focus is caricature/cartoon illustration, I also do acrylic paintings that I will be selling at galleries all around the bay area. I am always trying to think of new ways to make my business grow.
    This article has helped a lot, and I will be referring to it for future blogs.
    Thank you for posting!

    Stan Levine
    Artist at Stanimation Productions

  12. says

    Great tips Lexi! Recently I have been making Opinion posts about trends and I have seen a few people liking my posts, but other than that – since I’m on tumblr and not a real blog – I haven’t received many comments.

  13. says

    Good tips, but I think you should focus on one or two of these blog posts and stick with them. Writing about all these kinds, will scatter your audience and decline your engagement with your readers!

    That’s my opinion coming from experience after blew it up with my blog trying to write about everything…

    I am trying to correct my mistakes and relaunch a new blog focused around teaching people how to improve their photos…

    Anyway, once again good tips!


  14. says

    Hi Lexi,

    Great list and ideas for all of us. The one point I alway try and focus on is “the reader”…when you take the focus of of “you” and write about their challenge, issue, trend, problem, they will want to follow.


  15. says

    great points! I’ve just started a blog about 30 days ago with blogspot. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to figure out how many folks out there are reading it; and it seems people comment that it is difficult to sign onto blogspot. Any comments on this?
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  16. says

    Although this is not a blogpost per say, I find giving away a free ebook download that you have written helps to attract potential clients to your site. You are showing your knowledge on the subject as well as offering the person value and a thank you for visiting!


  17. says

    Insightful post, Lexi…. I’ve found tremendous success with instructional / how-to content for readers. The other methods you’ve pointed out work very well, too. Continued success :)

  18. says

    This was a great piece that was basic that can help any business person on blogging. Always keep it simple, and cover important topics, case studies, product reviews, etc. It has worked well for me.

  19. says

    This is a great post. I read it a couple days ago, but now coming back to it, there’s really solid advice on what to write about for your client audience.

    I like the idea of writing articles to attract clients. Why not let them come to you instead of chasing them down :)

  20. says

    Great article, like many others I clicked on the link because of the title – “5 Kinds of …”
    You know it will be a quick read and you’ll get five points. Done. Thanks!

  21. says

    I’ve done 3 out of 5 of your suggestions; the only ones I haven’t done are Case Studies and Special Offers. I think I’ll go do the latter one now!

    Most recently I wrote a how-to on Creating An Outline. This was directed at those who hire me to ghostwrite a book for them. I’ve found that an outline is the best thing a client can give me at the start of this kind of project. I made it simple, just the basics. I’ve done a few other how-to’s as well, such as one on self-publishing, but sometimes I wonder if I’m shooting myself in the foot — is it really a good idea to tell people how to do things they might otherwise pay ME to do for them?

  22. says

    @Marcy – Good question! That’s how most freelancers react when I suggest they create information showing how to do certain things. Of course, there will always be DIY’ers who find your content and run away with it. That’s ok. You earn their good will at the very least. Let them go; they’re not your Ideal Clients.

    On the other hand, you’ll find others who will go through your how-to content, think “Oh my gosh, that’s so complicated and time consuming. I don’t want to do all that. I might as well just hire this person to do it for me while I go do something else I enjoy and will be more profitable in the long run.”

    This is the exact reaction I have when I watched YouTube videos on how to install laminate flooring. The videos were geared for DIYers, those who want to install their own floors, like I thought I did. However, the more I watched the more I realized I’d be better off hiring the people who know what they’re doing. That way, I can focus on my own work while they focus on making my floor beautiful.

    Hope this helps!

  23. says

    I’ve done a few “Opinion Pieces on Upcoming Trends”. I’ve really wanted to do more posts on the first 4 you listed, but I haven’t taken the time to write them. I saved this post a few months ago with plans to refer back to it for inspiration.

    Thanks for posting.

  24. says

    Most often we ponder why we are unable to nest more clients to our blogs. I’ve found your information very useful and relevant. Hope, every one in the fray for such things would be benefited by the post.

  25. says

    I’ve found the post to be educative for those who really want to make effective blog posts; attracting clients. The five kinds of blog posts discussed here are very practical and seem to be working greatly. It true that personalities differ and their traits too. Hence a little creativity would help a lot.

  26. says

    Are you worried about clients to your blog post? Here is the article about five types of posts that seem better than others for either attracting prospects or turning prospects into clients. We can utilize the information.

  27. says

    The post has a word of encouragement and holds a sure way out for a successful blog post which is capable of attracting clients. The tips discussed seem to be very practical and rewarding for those who crave to excel in this regard. Yours is very valuable post. keep posting.

  28. says

    Since the freelance work is required to be bid and won with the best terms and conditions. There is huge experience and knowledge involved. In view of this you need to gain complete knowledge about the functioning and features required for the best prospect. I’ve found the post to be very resourceful in this regard.

  29. says

    ’ve done a few “Opinion Pieces on Upcoming Trends”. I’ve really wanted to do more posts on the first 4 you listed, but I haven’t taken the time to write them. I saved this post a few months ago with plans to refer back to it for inspiration.

    Thanks for posting.

  30. says

    Great tips Lexi! Recently I have been making Opinion posts about trends and I have seen a few people liking my posts, but other than that – since I’m on tumblr and not a real blog – I haven’t received many comments.

  31. says

    Mash-ups are another quick and sloppy way to attract people. For example:
    -10 great anniversary gifts for women
    -50 beautiful websites
    -5 ways to increase efficiency at home
    -Go green in 7 steps

  32. says

    Recently, i start blogging and still (obviously) need to learn more about how to gain more traffic to my site. Thank you for this great article.

  33. says

    Case studies can be a tricky method for attracting clients. I find with a lot of case studies you are likely to attract other professionals or industry contracts. This can be great if you are establishing a name for yourself, promoting your twitter etc.

    One method I know has worked for me in the past is a how-to. Composing a simple how-to is good for attracting people trying it themselves, and also gives them someone to refer to once it gets too hard

    Thanks for the tips!

  34. says

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