5 Productivity Tools To Boost Creativity

This is quite a tricky post. Recently I realized that there are a few tools I use that not only save me a ton of time, but also make me more creative. By sticking to their simple and efficient functionality I have started to create more content in ways I haven’t imagined before.

Here is a list of these five “creative” productivity tools for you.

#1 Screenr – Super Simple Screencasting

Screenr is the simplest screencasting tool I have used yet. It is different than other well-known options like Jing or Camtasia. There is no need to download or to sign up for anything. Hit sign in with Twitter or Facebook and that’s it.

Why can Screenr make you more productive?

Screenr makes the process of creating a screencast so simple that I have switched to explaining something with video way more often. Using video saves me a ton of time and is great fun since most of my online conversations were in written form previously.

Why can Screenr make you more creative?

Screenr has definitely made me more creative. For example, I’ve started to reply to some emails with a Screenr video instead of typing an answer. This tool not only allows you explain in pictures, but it’s a nice surprise for the recipient to hear your voice.

#2 Buffer – More Efficient Tweeting

Buffer is a Twitter App that allows you to tweet more frequently without the pain of overwhelming your followers with too many tweets. Just throw a few tweets in your Buffer and the App schedules them for you throughout the day.

Why can Buffer make you more productive?

Buffer allows you to add lots of Tweets into the Buffer without fiddling with individually scheduling each one. It also comes with a browser extension that works on any page and even inside Google Reader. Every morning I would fill up my Buffer with all the great articles I would read–simple and a big time saver.

Why can Buffer make you more creative?

Not only does Buffer save me a lot of time, but it has actually transformed the way I use Twitter. It also allows you to highlight certain lines in an article and then hit the Buffer icon. It automatically turns it into my tweet and allows me to create more genuine and creative tweets.

#3 Ge.tt – File Sharing

Ge.tt basically does what it says. You upload a few files into the cloud and then share them easily with a link across multiple social networks or via email.

Why can Ge.tt make you more productive?

Sharing files via email attachments can really turn out to be quite time-consuming, especially when you want to share files with multiple people. Here is where Ge.tt comes in super handy and allows you to simplify this process sharing files instantly with one click.

Why can Ge.tt make you more creative?

Ge.tt has made me more creative in an interesting way. I realized that some of the files I uploaded might be useful for more people than just the ones I initially wanted to share them with. Since the link is already on Ge.tt, I often end up giving it to more people than I would have otherwise.

#4 Rapportive – Know more about your email contacts

Rapportive is a tool I only discovered recently, yet it has already become a real favorite of mine. It allows you to see full information about your email contacts across multiple social networks inside of Gmail.

Why can Rapportive make you more productive?

Whenever you receive an email you see the sender’s details with all their social network information. Rapportive lets me get in touch with them on Twitter, connect on Linkedin or Facebook without the hassle of searching for them on those social networks.

Why can Rapportive make you more creative?

The great thing about Rapportive is that I immediately see what my contacts are up to on Twitter. I can tailor emails towards what they are talking about and create references to what others are up to–things that I wouldn’t normally know about.

#5 Tungle – Scheduling Meetings the Smart Way

You have probably come across Tungle already, but it is easy to forget how useful it can be. It helps me to be more efficient in so many ways that I wanted to share my experience with it in this post.

Why can Tungle make you more productive?

I have to confess I only recently switched from Doodle to Tungle and it made a big difference. I can give others an opportunity to simply take a look at my weekly schedule so they can pick the best suitable time. It saves me the hassle of sending emails back and forth and gives them more freedom to see all free spots in my schedule instead of being limited to the few suggested times that I would email to them.

Why can Tungle make you more creative?

Tungle was quite a game changer for me. This tool allowed me to be more open for others since I could easily share my schedule with lots of people. I definitely think this tool made more creative as it resulted in meetings.

You upload a few files into the cloud and then share them easily with a link across multiple social networks or via email. They are amongst the many file sharing sites you can find across the web.

Your Turn

How about you? Are there any apps that make you more productive and also more creative too? I would love to discuss it in the comments below.