5 Simple Ways To Get Repeat Business

Everytime you get a new client you probably want to prove him or her you can do the job, you want repeat business. And if you don’t have that feeling you’ll get business from a client again in the future, then there are some things you may need to work on.

#1- Be Committed

Being committed doesn’t mean that you have to leave everything else and cater to the needs of one client and forget about the others. It means showing the client that although your work has been appreciated by them and you delivered on time and everything is to their liking, you would like to offer a little more. Not necessarily go out of your way, but do what needs to be done, what you agreed on in the first place, in order to get repeat business from that client.

#2- How Long Does It Take To Get A Reply?

One of the main reason freelancers lose business is because of the late response. Don’t limit yourself to checking your email once a day (if you prefer to give email addresses rather than phone numbers), but if you do, make sure your client knows.

Personally If I want to hire someone, I want to see how quick I’ll get a response. If you are freelancing full-time, you should be able to dedicate some time everyday to reply to e-mails and return phone calls.

#3- Provide Quality, Not Just Quantity

Sure they wanted one website designed, but you went ahead and gave them three just to show that “hey I can do more!”. But do you realize the client ONLY NEEDED ONE? So provide quality rather than quantity. If you spent 5 hours creating three sites that were not required, guess what, you just wasted 5 hours and probably a client as well. Stick to what’s in the contract, it’s in the contract for a reason, the extra work you did just to prove you can do more won’t make you more money.

#4- There is Always Room For Improvement

So, you do kick-ass work, you’re good at what you do, but that doesn’t make you the best there is, because there is always someone that can do better than you. So thrive to make yourself better, sharpen your skills everyday, that’s what makes you money.

#5- Following Up

One of the most important, and often over-looked, way of getting repeat business is to simply follow-up with previous clients. If you provide service to a client, cash the check, and forget about him or her, you surely won’t get business from that client again. Take a minute to send an e-mail, a post-card or give a call to a previous client, tell him you really enjoyed working for him, was a fun project, and that you’re always available for him. Build a relationship with your clients, get to know them, they’ll be more likely to send business your way.

We all like attention, clients are no different. A quick e-mail or phone call can go a long way.



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