5 Useless Things You Did Today

Are you interested in getting more things done? Does it seem that the day should somehow have more than 24 hours so that you can complete all of the tasks on that to-do list of yours? Well guess what: you are wasting valuable time each and every day with useless activities which are simply not worth it.

Actually, here are 5 useless things you may have done today, let’s analyze them and see if they sound familiar:

1) You Have Watched Too Much TV

I personally hate TV and consider it one of the most dangerous time-wasters. First of all, it should be clear that, when watching TV, you are not doing anything productive. Honestly, do you think that staring at a screen just for the sake of it is worth it?

Entertainment? Fun? You can’t be serious! Most shows you see on TV are absolutely horrible, is that what they call entertainment, is that what they call fun? Obviously, you are not a robot and need to relax, but wouldn’t spending quality time with your beloved ones, for example, seem like a better approach?

2) You Have Checked Your Email Hundreds of Times

More than a few people end up wasting a lot of time as a result of checking their email over and over again. Unless we’re talking about exceptions, about cases when you are expecting some extremely important news, checking your email once or twice per day will be more than enough.

3) You Have Gone Overboard with Chatting

Online or offline, you have to understand that, as far as chatting is concerned, you will reach a point when enough is enough. Sure, there is nothing wrong with catching up, but let’s face it: you most likely have a lot of things to do which should occupy a higher spot on your priority list.

4) You Have Followed Useless Websites

Let’s try to be honest here: is spending hours upon hours watching videos on YouTube or posting on all sorts of forums your idea of being productive? I didn’t think so. There are more than a few websites which are simply not worth your time and, if you are serious about maximizing results as far as your personal productivity level is concerned, keeping the time you spend there to a bare minimum is simply a must.

As a result, you need to either eliminate such websites from your daily surfing routine altogether or, at the very least, spend far less time following them compared to the present.

5) You Have Been Taking Breaks Between Breaks

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking breaks and, in fact, it’s perfectly natural, but on the other hand, going overboard is not an option. You may think that you are being smart by taking a lot of breaks but, in the end, the only person losing out as a result of such an attitude will be yourself.

Does at least one of these 5 things sound familiar? If so, then what changes will you be implementing as of this point?

Best wishes,
Alan Johnson


Author info: This guest post was written by Alan Johnson, who teaches you how to Become More Productive Through 7-Day Challenges over at TheRatingBlog.com.