5 Ways to Earn More Than the Average Freelancer

Growing plant in handMost freelancers earn a pretty good income, nothing enormous, but still pretty good.

And when you think about the freedom and independence of freelancing, the money is easily worth it.

But what if it were possible to increase that income, and make a lot more than pretty good?

Well, it isn’t easy to do, but it definitely is possible. For those of you who are willing to try, here are 5 ideas to get you started earning more:

1. Go Premium

In every field there is a group that charges way more than everyone else. Typically, freelancers in this group makes at least twice the average salary. Sometimes it’s much more than that.

Not everyone has the skill level to go premium, but a lot of freelancers do. What holds most people back is fear or insecurity. Sometimes you just have to push past your limits and take the jump — start charging more. If you do everything well, you might find yourself making a taking home a much bigger paycheck than before.

2. Expand your business

Expanding isn’t always a priority for freelancers, but it can be a good way to shatter all limits on your salary. If you have the drive and the desire, this might be the option for you.

Growing into a bigger business, either through outsourcing or bringing on employees, typically takes a lot of time and effort — but the end result is easily worth it. Most larger business owners earn many times more than the average freelance income.

3. Sell an informational product

Some people have given info products a bad name by using questionable sales tactics and crappy content — but in reality a good informational product can be incredibly valuable and profitable. Many of the better info products have earned so much as to entirely eclipse the freelancers initial income.

If you have advanced knowledge of an in-demand subject area, and the ability to communicate that knowledge, an informational product could be the perfect way to increase your earnings.

4. Sell a physical product

Physical products are often underrated on the internet, but as with info products, the reality is that a good physical product can be incredibly valuable. All it takes is a good idea, a plan to print, manufacture, or create the product, and a lot of effort to get the whole thing off the ground.

If you can handle the difficulties and overhead required for this endeavor, you may find yourself heavily rewarded at by the end of the process.

5. Create passive income

Passive income is the darling of the online world, and with good reason. If you can find a way to generate a stream of income that requires little or no effort on your part, you may just be able to quit freelancing and retire to a sandy beach.

Of course, creating a passive income stream is much more difficult than most people let on — and most types of passive income typically require much more work than you might imagine. However, success could mean an additional source of income that still leaves you free to pursue your freelancing or other careers with a passion.

Where do you stand?

These are just 5 out of an infinite amount of ways you can earn more as a freelancer. Have you come up with something that’s worked wonderfully for you? Do you have any other ideas to add into the mix?