5 Ways To Get More Exposure To Your Portfolio Site

Packaging Matters You know the old advice:

Build it and they will come!

Right… if you just build it and do nothing, chances are nothing will happen.

Once you have your portfolio site up and running what you need is visitors, which may eventually become paying customers. How can you get more exposure and traffic to your portfolio site then? Let’s see.

Start A Blog

I know many designers and programmers will say they don’t have time for a blog and they prefer to focus on working on projects. Sure! But you already spend some time marketing your business, right? Why not set aside some time every week to write on your company blog? Even if it’s just 2 or 3 hours a week!

Blogging is a great way to connect with people in your field and potential clients. My design business totally exploded when I started blogging about 2 years ago! Now I have to turn down clients or send some work to other designers I know (that I met through blogging!)

Write For Popular Blogs

If you feel you don’t have time to manage your own blog, why not consider writing on established blogs? These blogs already have an audience and are most probably looking for articles and tutorials to publish!

And the cool thing is you get paid for writing about what you know and love! You get exposure and money! Take 5 or 6 blogs that you enjoy reading and try to come up with a list of ideas for articles, then simply send a quick email to the blog owners and ask them if they’d be interested in your articles. It’s easy, try it and see if it works for you!

Portfolio Sites

There are many sites where you can create a portfolio for free or for very cheap! Here are my 3 favorite ones:

Of course you can then direct people to your own portfolio site and then convince them you’re the one for the job! Even better if you have a blog on your own portfolio site, this way people can get to know you better! And if they like your work and your personality chances are you’ll get the gig.

Social Networking Sites And Forums

Then you have networking and sharing sites:

Link to your own portfolio site every chance you get, look for people you know and expand your network and then let people know you’re available for work! I also write a post about networking using Twitter some time ago, check it out! Remember that if you’re genuinely interested in other people’s work and profiles it’s always better!

The Old Fashioned Way — Business Cards

Ok, if you don’t have business cards already, I’m honestly wondering why! I know that many freelancers don’t feel it’s necessary to have business cards since all the work they do is online. But let’s not forget there is a world offline, people looking to hire designers for their very first website! Maybe these people have no idea how to look for a web-designer online.

Networking is not only done online, every time you go to a conference, a seminar or to a computer store, why not bring business cards? You never know who you’ll meet!

Your Turn To Talk

You have a portfolio site? How do you get traffic to your site? Do you use any of the methods I mentioned in the post? Tell us what works for you! :)

Jon Phillips


Image in this post: Larsz