7 Essential Set Of Tools For Everyone Who Earns A Living Online

Essential ToolsIf you are a full time web-worker earning your living through the internet, I am sure you would agree that for every task you can think of, there are more tools on the internet then you can imagine. Sometimes it can become really difficult to chose the tools that will do the job right.

Today we decided to list out seven such tools or rather sets of tools, which are essential for every web-worker no matter the area of specialization. So whether you are web designer, blogger, freelance writer or any other kind of web-worker, you could certainly use these tools to work more effectively and productively too.

1: Browser And Email

For starters, I suggest you use Firefox, if you are not already. That’s because Firefox has so much more to offer then other web browsers and with the impending release of Firefox 3, it will bring some new and excellent features which many of us are looking forward to.

I use Gmail as my email client and recommend it. But if you are more into a desktop email client, then MS Outlook or Thunderbird are great. And if you happen to be on Mac OSX, I’m pretty sure Mail does the job. :)

2: Invoicing And Payment

If you work online, then you know the importance of such tools. Paypal is the most popular way to send and receive money and it also allows you to create invoices and send them to your clients. FreshBooks and LessAccounting are 2 very popular web-based invoicing tool used by a lot of web workers. In fact, Jon wrote an elaborate post on different invoicing tools, which you may find very useful.

3: Taking Notes

No matter what kind of work you do, I’m certain that taking notes is something that takes a considerable amount of your time, especially if you’re a freelance writer doing a lot of research. A very simple way is by using a nice moleskine notebook.

However, there are other cool ways to take notes. Like Ubernote, which lets you take notes and clips online and organize them effectively.

One of the best and most popular tools to take notes online is Evernote. It has a web version and a desktop software version and the best part is it allows you to sync the online and offline versions. I have been using it and found it to be excellent. I have 20 invites to give away for the new version of Evernote. So if you want one, leave a comment and I’ll email you the invite. (*make sure you mention it in your comment and leave a valid email address)

4: Storage

As web workers, we are dealing with data all the time. Whether it’s design sketches/mock-ups, unfinished articles, invoice templates or client information, it can get overwhelming at some point.

It’s important to preserve this data and store it outside your computer. What if your computer crashed? You can use a USB thumb drive for that purpose or a portable hard drive like this one. Also you could sync the data between the computer and the portable device, using softwares such as Sync Toy or Syncback SE

5: Writing

Not only bloggers and freelance writers need to write. Every web worker will eventually have to create documents or reports. So, for this purpose some suggestion are Google Docs and Zoho. In fact Zoho has an amazing collection of free tools which you should try out.

Desktop tools for this purpose are MS Office and Open Office.

6: Images

Desktop tools for dealing with images range from paid alternatives like Photoshop and SnagIt to free alternatives like GIMP. For those of you who just need simple image editing features, try out online tools like Picnik and Photoshop Express.

If you are looking for great photos, there are sites like iStockphoto and Everystockphoto. I wrote a post on my blog about how to get excellent license free images. You may find it useful too.

7: Organizers / Time management

Organizing and tracking your time is very important as a web worker. You could use the default calendar of your email program or an organizer like Essential PIM. One of my favorite task management softwares is Remember the Milk, because of its excellent features and its integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.

To track your time, you could try Toggl or yaTimer.

What tool do YOU use and why? let us know in the comment section! :)

Abhijeet Mukherjee


About the author: Abhijeet Mukherjee is a blogger and freelance writer. He is a regular contributer for many blogs notably including DumbLittleMan.com and MakeUseOf.com. He also maintains his own blog about tech tips, productivity hacks and blogging tips – Jeet Blog


  1. UIDooD says

    Hey, Thanks for the great post.
    I would really appreciate if you could send me an invite to evernote, it just looks awesome.

    Thank you!

  2. says

    Thanks for the great article.

    But you’ve missed 1 point – neverending cup of coffee (’cause web developers are merely the tools to convert caffeine to code).
    I wanna please for invitation to Evernote also.


  3. says

    Thank you for the tips… this article has already gotten stared, and the time management programs downloaded :-)

    I would appreciate a invite to the new Evernote too.

  4. Stefan says


    great post, great list – really!

    And by the way – could you send me an evernote-invitation please?

    Thanks a lot,


  5. says

    Thanks for introducing me to some new tools – and reminding me to invest more time in the tools that I already have. I would love an invite to Evernote.



  6. says

    Thank you for sharing your tool belt with us. We utilize a lot of the same tools and you have opened my eyes to a few new ones. One of which being the Evernote app… it looks great and I would love an invite if you have any left. Thank you again.

  7. JustinM says

    Got to your site from digg. Very nicely done.

    Somehow I completely missed EverNote, it looks freakin amazing! (search words in text, jigga whaaat?!)
    I’d really appreciate an invite, iamjustinm( at )gmail.com

  8. Joanne Taylor says

    Great Post! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and you do a great job.

    If you have any invitations left I would love one. Thank you

  9. says

    Don’t know how I got here, but I am glad I did!
    Thanks for all of the insightful information.
    Hopefully, I’m not too late for some of those Evernote invites…

  10. Shawn Norris says

    I use the Zotero plugin for Firefox to gather my notes and clips while I’m researching. Or a simple legal pad.

    The Lightning add-on for Thunderbird is the best calendar I’ve ever used. It keeps me on track with my email, deadlines, and to-do list all right in one place.

  11. Nick Goddard says

    Hi Thanks for anither great post.

    I’d appreciate an invite to Evernote if you have any left, it looks really good.


  12. says

    That’s a great list. I’d like to add you can also use an online backup solution like SugarSync or Mozy Backup to create copies of your important documents.

    SugarSync – sugarsync.com
    Mozy Backup – mozy.com

    You can also shell out some money and buy additional storage if you want. They aren’t much expensive, I should mention.

  13. says

    Fantastic list however i agree with Shankar that backup is essential for anyone working online, you just never know when you will need it! I would love an evernote invite, i have been waiting to test it out for a while. Cheers :-)

  14. says

    Excellent list, and not just for full-time web workers! I’m sharing this one with my students and my fellow faculty.

    If you have any Evernote invites left I would very much like one.

  15. says

    Thanks Abhi for the reminders!

    Well so far as the storage goes, sometimes I wonder if uploading to my Gmail account is the safest bet of all… I mean with 6 gig there and chances of Google crashing are much less than my hard disk crashing, I think it’s a good idea to archive some of my most important data on my Gmail account. Besides, I can access it from anywhere….

    What say you?

  16. says

    Thanks all for your nice comments ! I have sent the invites to those who wanted and in fact I have already sent more than 20 :) But I have more so no worries.

    @Zakman- I don’t think you should use Gmail as your storage place. It may not be very convenient. If you check Shankar’s comment above , he has suggested 2 good services for that.

  17. says

    LOL..Grace that someone has a name , folks can see your previous comment :) :)

    But thanks for coming forward. I appreciate that. As of now I have more invites so no worries. But if we are out of it then I’ll get in touch with you. :)

  18. Allan says

    Oooooo would be really generous if someone could send me an invite aswell.

    allcrabnokebab (at ) hotmail.com


    nice article btw found some cool things this way.

  19. says

    Heya, a great selection of tools.

    For invoicing, desklamp is very useful web app, and they are working on v2, which will be more like a CRM I understand.

    Online Backup, I used to use Mozy, but not the unlimited as it’s for home use and Pro for clients, but recently come accross JungleDisk
    which use’s Amazon’s S3 Storage Service. And price/quality is pretty amazing. If your on Mac, it saves dishing out lots of money for a .Mac account, and it fully integrates just as well.

    oh and would kindly love an evernote invite as well :p Thanks

  20. says

    I have yet to try GIMP, but I’m a die-hard user and fan of Paint.net. It’s an excellent, FREE graphics software that rivals Photoshop. Except it’s probably easier to learn.

    I definitely need to check into Toggl and yaTimer. Better time management and projecting is increasingly important as a freelance writing practice grows!

    Very nice post!


  21. Qasim Rasheed says

    Nice post. Any evernotes invites available or am I tool late to the party.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  22. says

    Great post, and a lot of useful tools I didn’t know about.

    And I figure you’re out by now but if not, I would love an invite to Evernote as well!

  23. says

    Wow, thanks for all the ideas.

    If anyone has any evernote invites left, please send me one. I would love to check it out. I have been using some of my Vista gadgets and Backpack. I like Backpack because you can have it send you text messages as reminders.

    ~Melissa B

  24. says

    Great post, thanks! I have been exploring all kinds of different productivity tools as I make the transition from full time employee to lone ranger. I recently started using Freshbooks, that one’s a favorite. Try to keep most of what I do Google integrated, Gmail, Reader, Notebook etc. Started using a toodledo which is a to do list that integrates decently with google but I really like the online portion of the app. Time tracking is one I fail on so I’ll be checking that out, and I will definitely be diving deeper into my Backpack and Basecamp accounts. Keep the ideas comin’

  25. says

    I would love an EverNote Invite if you still have one :-) I love your website and am avid reader! Great post by the way, very helpful…some new tools I didn’t know about.

  26. says

    Hey thanks these are all useful tools but I have yet to try out some. Personally I would add an rss reader to the mix. (Why? To keep up with all the great sites like freelancefolder.com!)

  27. says

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