Are You Really Bold Enough to Succeed as a Freelancer?

How bold are you?

If you answered “not very,” it may be time to step outside of your comfort zone for the sake of your freelancing business. You see, it takes a certain amount of boldness to succeed as a freelancer. If you’re too shy, your freelancing business may suffer as a result of your shyness.

The good news is you can learn to be bold.

Being a freelancer is a bold move in and of itself. Being a freelancer means you’ve already had the courage to step outside of convention and take maximum control of how you earn a living. Not everyone can do this. There are many people who would like to enjoy the freelance lifestyle, but they just aren’t bold enough to take the very first step.

In this post, I’ll examine seven more bold moves that will help your freelancing business to get ahead.

7 Bold Moves That Can Help Your Freelancing

Here are seven bold moves that people often have trouble making. Yes, if you are bold enough all of these bold tactics could help you to grow your freelancing business.

  1. Cold calling. It’s natural to be afraid of cold calling. Most people get a little nervous when faced with the prospect of talking to a total stranger. However, cold calling can work extremely well if you do your homework and focus your cold call efforts specifically on your target market.
  2. Face-to-face meetings. Are you hiding behind your computer? Clients with bigger projects often want to meet the person who will be doing their work face-to-face. This means a meeting. Naturally, there’s some risk to a face-to-face meeting (what if you and the client don’t hit it off), but the rewards are bigger too.
  3. Contacting a more experienced peer for advice. You’re stuck. You absolutely don’t know what to do next. If this is you, I guarantee that you’re not the first person who has dealt with your situation. Someone else in your field, probably already in your social network, has already faced and solved your problem. Why not contact them and ask for help?
  4. Post something controversial. It can take a lot of courage to post something that you know others may not like. But, sometimes that bold and courageous post is just what it takes to help others relate to you better and to build the type of relationships that you need to really grow your business.
  5. Talk more about your freelancing business to friends and family. Let’s face it. Our friends and our families can be our biggest critics. Half the time, they may not really understand what we’re doing or even believe that we’re actually working. The support of your inner circle is an important asset for success, so take the time (once again) to explain your business to them.
  6. Do something you’ve never done before. It takes a bit of boldness to try something new. Even as a freelancer, it’s easy to get into a routine (although no one is imposing one upon you). You can get very comfortable doing the same work over and over, but are you growing professional and personally?
  7. Follow your dream. Nearly everyone has a dream that seems to be just beyond their reach. You’d like to achieve your dream, but you’re too afraid to try. You won’t ever know whether or not you can turn that dream into a reality unless you are bold enough to do what it takes to follow that dream.

I’ve listed seven bold moves that can help you to grow your freelancing business. Next, we’ll discuss why it’s more important to be bold than you might think.

Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone Can Help You

Being bold is just good business. Bold moves, such as making cold calls and contacting others, are often how we get our customers.

Did you know that boldness can be good for you emotionally as well?

It’s true. If you challenge yourself with something new, it builds your confidence (which, in turn, makes it easier for you to take the next bold step when the time comes). You will also feel a greater sense of satisfaction when you complete something that was a challenge for you.

Staying comfortable may be, well…comfortable. But, the real emotional benefits come when you take some risks and leave that comfort behind.

What About You?

Is there something just beyond your grasp that you’re afraid to do, but you know that you really should try? Why not make a bold move and just do it? Take the steps needed to bring your freelance business to the next level.

Share the bold business moves you’ve made (and how they’ve affected your freelancing business) in the comments.

Image by divemasterking2000