Working From Home – 5 Tips To Avoid That Dreaded Loneliness

Recently Mary wrote a post on FSw about her loneliness as a freelance writer and how badly she missed human company. Although Mary ended the post on a positive note, talking about the benefits of working from home, this is a topic which probably concerns everyone out there who is working from home. Man is a social animal. Working from home, it's never easy to just stay glued to your computer for the entire … [Read more...]

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Meet Deadlines For Freelancers & Web Workers

Meeting deadlines and targets is a major area of concern for many freelancers and web workers, especially if you get loads of work and find it difficult to do justice to all of them. The topic of this post is not new and you are sure to find a lot of suggestions on the web on meeting deadlines and managing expectations and goals. However I decided to pick this topic and approach it in a slightly different … [Read more...]