Getting Rid of Bad Freelancing Habits

Having worked with a lot of freelancers throughout the years, let's just say that I have identified quite a few bad habits which will make me not recommend a certain service provider and, of course, not work with him or her in the future. This article is written from the perspective of a person who works with and hires a lot of freelancers. Taking advantage of my experiences and advice and getting rid of … [Read more...]

Maximizing Results As A Way Of Thinking

I've written about why solid goals are the foundation you can build upon as far as productivity is concerned and I've also talked about why this process is one you cannot afford to neglect here on FreelanceFolder. This article will be all about analyzing things from the perspective of a person who is already on top of the goal setting process. In other words, this article will answer one of the most important … [Read more...]

Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

A lot of people start out by thinking that everything can be accomplished as a one man show, yet end up realizing that, at a certain point, things do tend to become overwhelming and, since we are only human and since the day only has 24 hours, acting accordingly is definitely a must. Analyzing Your Situation The first thing you need to do is analyze how things stand at this point as far as you are concerned. … [Read more...]

All Work and No Play? Really?

As a freelancer, web-worker or both, I'm sure that you have read quite a few articles or even books about productivity and time management. A lot of people read about all sorts of approaches and end up thinking that a productive person is a robot-like creature who works all day or, in other words, someone who does not know the meaning of the word 'fun'. It's quite obvious that they end up thinking that time … [Read more...]

5 Useful Things You Could Do Tomorrow

With my previous guest post, I have explained that there are all sorts of useless tasks which end up making maximizing results as far as your personal productivity level is concerned next to impossible. I have referred to 5 of the absolutely useless things which most people do on a daily basis and, as a logical follow-up, here are 5 extremely useful things which you could start doing tomorrow: 1) Get Up … [Read more...]

5 Useless Things You Did Today

Are you interested in getting more things done? Does it seem that the day should somehow have more than 24 hours so that you can complete all of the tasks on that to-do list of yours? Well guess what: you are wasting valuable time each and every day with useless activities which are simply not worth it. Actually, here are 5 useless things you may have done today, let's analyze them and see if they sound … [Read more...]

7 Common Misconceptions About Web-Working And Earning A Living Online

The thought of earning a living online does indeed seem quite appealing to more than a few folks and, just as with anything else which is that popular, there are a lot of misconceptions which you need to be aware of and here are 7 of the most common ones: Earning A Living Online is a Piece of Cake A lot of people seem to think that publishing a website is all there is to making money online but, fortunately … [Read more...]

Popular and Better – Synonyms or Misconception?

In today's society, where image is everything, it's definitely easy to get carried away and end up thinking that a popular product or service is automatically better as well. Let's try to look beyond the surface and ask ourselves if popularity should really be an important factor which needs to be taken into consideration when judging the quality of a certain product or service. Popularity - An Important … [Read more...]

Online Entrepreneurs And Responsibility

As far as more than a few online entrepreneurs are concerned, someone else seems to always be at fault. They blame others for the fact that their projects haven't turned out as well as they had initially planned, they blame others for each and one of their flops as well as for the fact that they can never seem to catch a break. Is this really the way to go? Let's just say that for online entrepreneurs who … [Read more...]

Earning A Living Online ? From Myth To Reality

Even nowadays, there are still more than a few folks who think that a regular job is the only way to go and that earning a living online is nothing more than a myth. Is that a way of thinking which will get you anywhere, is selling your time the only possibility? Of course not, and thinking that having a job is the only way to go is just plain foolish. Sure, more than a few people end up believing something … [Read more...]