How To Avoid Procrastination As A Freelancer

Freelancers have the luxury to work their own hours, with who they want and even work from Starbucks if they want, but a lot of things can lead to procrastination. If you overdo things the luxury soon turns into a curse. Get into the habit of procrastinating and you might as well consider yourself doomed. For those who have never experienced this: procrastination is a tendency to indulge in the unnecessary in … [Read more...]

How To Meet Deadlines And Boost Performance

Although some people think that deadlines kill creativity and hamper productivity, they can really help you streamline your energies and focus on the work at hand, especially when you work as a freelancer and have multiple projects to handle. If you don't set deadlines for your individual projects you will soon lose track of time and will never be able to deliver the projects on time to your clients, creating … [Read more...]

Tricks For Dealing With Difficult Clients

If you work as a freelancer difficult clients are as common as stars in a cloudless night. Okay, you shouldn't take my poetic analogy too literally, but still once in a while you end up working for a client who you wish didn't exist in the scheme of the universe. But the sad reality is that there are all sorts of clients for whom you have to work because they are an integral part of your work and if you … [Read more...]

Dealing With Dark Moods Of Freelancing

Dark moods of freelancing have got nothing to do with the times your work isn't going great or when you don't turn in even a single project on time. You might be getting ten business inquiries per day (which for most, if not all, of us is a lot) and traffic to your website may be reaching new heights, dark moods can hit you just out of the blues; you suddenly lose interest in every work-related activity … [Read more...]

Improve Your Professional Productivity – Get Rid Of Distractions

Do you often feel that you are doing everything under the sun but the actual work? You know, the activity that gets you money? Distractions can be a big problem when you work on your own: although you have deadlines and commitments there is nobody breathing down your neck to see what you are actually doing. You never realize when you stop your work and start playing an online game, chatting with someone you … [Read more...]

Keep Your Promotion Efforts In Top Gear – For Free

Are you noticing a sudden drop in the number of business inquiries you receive every day/week? As a freelancer your income depends in part on: Pitching your services in front of prospective clients Referrals Direct business inquiries from your website or print advertisements The referrals depend on the good relationships you have with your previous clients. Since you provide an exceptional … [Read more...]

The Balance Between Handling Business Queries vs. Doing The Actual Work

Replying to business queries is an inveterate part of your freelance life. In most cases you don't have a secretary to handle your business related correspondences. Whether it's pitching for a new project or replying to prospective clients who are interested in hiring you, you constantly need to send emails. This becomes a repetitive and time-consuming exercise if you work on smaller projects, and almost … [Read more...]