15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

I have only recently made the switch to using Google Chrome as my default browser, and at the same time I began using it for working on my freelance web design and development projects. Although I still find myself wandering back to Firefox every now and then because of my dependency on the Firebug extension that Chrome has yet to completely duplicate, I am thoroughly satisfied with the Chrome browser's speed, … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions Succeed

It's that time again. The New Year is upon us and as we look back at all we set out to accomplish in the past 365 days we also look forward and begin creating resolutions and goals for the year ahead. Unfortunately, very often our resolutions list looks very similar to last year's. In fact, although I don't know the exact statistics, it is likely the percentage of New Year's resolutions that are actually … [Read more...]

Making the Transition from Part-Time Freelancing to Full-Time Business

So you've been doing your freelancing thing on the side, relegating the work you are most enthused about to nights and weekends, sleeping less than any human should, and dreaming of the time when you can walk away from your day job and dive headlong into working full-time for yourself. As enticing as the prospect sounds, taking that leap can be one of the most stress-ridden moments in one's life. In this … [Read more...]

12 Gifts Most Freelance Designers Only Dare to Dream About

Sure, there are a number of items you could purchase and wrap up to place beneath your beloved freelance designer's tree that would bring a smile to their face and warm their heart. Anyone can take a trip to the local art supply or computer store, or shop online for that perfect gift. I don't intend to discourage you from expressing your appreciation in such a wonderful way. But, if you'd like to blow the … [Read more...]

What You Should Say to Your Client When Their Payment Is Delinquent

Even if you have had a successful run with the most appreciative, responsible and compassionate clients in the history of freelancing, you will almost certainly eventually have a client who takes a payment to the point of Past Due. When this happens, it births a situation ripe with potential for all kinds of problems if not handled correctly. In this post, we will look at some ways to get that late payment into … [Read more...]

The Importance of Thinking Outside the Box

Rules. Standards. Doing things the way they've 'always been done.' There are good reasons to rely on and follow these things, but we often forget that they all originated somewhere. There is an inherent danger for a freelancer who only ever strives to maintain the status quo and stick to proven methods, and this choice can not only impact the freelancer's future but also has the potential to affect countless … [Read more...]

How I Kept My Freelance Business Intact During Relocation

I recently moved across the United States from Florida back to our home in California. In preparing for the move, I had several concerns about my freelance business and how it would be impacted. In this post, I will share my experience, some of the issues I faced and how I handled them in the hopes that this will help other freelancers who are concerned about moving. This post should be of interest to anyone … [Read more...]

13 Great Sites for WordPress Tips, Tutorials, and Hacks

WordPress has become one of, if not THE, most popular open source blogging and content management systems around. With over 25 million websites and blogs powered by this award-winning web software and a continuously expanding community of developers, designers and contributors, freelancers who have the skills and knowledge to create WordPress websites are in high demand. Over 90% of my own freelance business … [Read more...]

Manifesto for a Freelancer with a Family

There are countless potential benefits of being a freelancer, and the list increases if you have a spouse and children sharing the experience with you. Many, like me, are lucky enough to work from home and get to experience family life intertwined with their work on a daily basis. However, I have learned that if I don't make a concentrated and consistent effort to seize this opportunity, it can be very easy to … [Read more...]

Find Yourself a Freelancer’s Sugar Daddy (or Two)

By definition, Sugar Daddy is a slang term that refers to a rich, usually older person who offers money or gifts to a less rich, usually younger person in return for companionship or favors. Obviously, I'm not encouraging you to find someone to give you money for favors. I am suggesting a way to maintain a steady flow of work is to connect yourself with at least one, if not more, clients who will pay you … [Read more...]