The Seven Deadly Sins of Freelancing Part 2 – Overestimating Your Abilities

I told you last time: most people who fail as freelancers don’t fail because they are good at what they do. In some cases, they fail because they underestimated the job. It’s not about your writing or design skills; sometimes, those skills can even get in the way of your success as a freelancer. Deadly Freelancing Sin #2: Overestimating your abilities OK, you’re a kickass writer or a hotshot designer. That’s … [Read more...]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Freelancing Part 1 – Underestimating The Job

Most people who fail as freelancers don’t fail because they are good at what they do. It isn’t that they’re horrible designers, or that they can’t write well. Most often, freelancers fail because they make bad choices about how they want to run their freelancing business. They fall prey to one of the seven deadly sins of freelancing. This 7-part series will take a look at each of the freelancing sins and tell … [Read more...]

The Violent Truth Of Freelance Sales

Successful freelancers sell. While there are any number of things that will kill a freelance business, the inability to convince anyone to hire your services is right up toward the top. Yet, somehow, many freelancers are intimidated by the idea of the sale. Why all this trepidation? Maybe you see your competitors, for example, charging atrociously low rates, and you fear your rates are too high. It could … [Read more...]

The Violent Truth of Branding

You might not know it, but I was once a work-at-home mom. For the better part of three years, I operated my freelance career as a Jewish woman living in Atlanta. I wrote for parenting and pregnancy web sites, I contributed to mommy blogs and I posted to work-at-home mom message boards. I even entered into discussions about religion, politics and motherhood on a now-defunct moms message board. In my spare … [Read more...]

The Violent Truth Of Opportunity

If I hear one more freelance writer whining about how she can't find freelance gigs, I'm going to scream. I'm like anyone else. There are times when I'm likely to sit around hoping for a new opportunity to knock me over the head. Fact of the matter is, though, I've come to the place in my life and career where I realize something: opportunities aren't discovered, they are created. I understand what it … [Read more...]

Eight Violent Truths About Freelancing – Part 2

In part 1, I gave you four of the eight violent truths about freelancing. They weren't easy truths, either. They went like this: 1. Freelancing isn't for the lazy. 2. Freelancing is damn hard work. 3. Freelancers work for more jerks than anyone else. 4. Freelancing is a thankless profession. If you've made it here, it means you're serious about freelancing. It also means you probably already know … [Read more...]

Eight Violent Truths About Freelancing – Part 1

*note: this article has been translated into Spanish. Thanks Phillipe! Being a freelance writer is a lot like being a stay-at-home mom. People on the outside have this image of a leisured existence, while the reality of the situation is that freelance writers (and stay-at-home moms) are often busier than many "working" folks. God forbid you choose to be a stay-at-home mom who is also a freelance … [Read more...]