Freelancers: Are You Too DIY?

As a freelancer, many of us have the DIY (do-it-yourself) attitude. DIY means more work, more potential portfolio pieces, and most importantly… more money. But sometimes, the DIY approach, and taking on too much, can kill creativity and make clients second-guess their outsourcing needs. It’s only natural for the everyday client to assume his/her freelancer’s ability. Take the following questions as prime … [Read more...]

No Matter What, Design Matters

Design matters. There’s no question about it. Whether you’re a graphic designer, copywriter, photographer or blogger, any and all sorts of design will shape the outcome of your business from the moment you present yourself. Think about it. We all know someone that has been gracefully blessed with the divine skills of something. That something can be anything. Maybe your friend is a spectacular photographer, … [Read more...]