Freelance Because You Love It

Why freelance? Do you have enough time to hear all of the answers? Do you even care to remember all of those answers? Likely not. None of us needs to know all of those answers; we only need to understand what works for us. As an experiment, keep a log for a few days (and stop groaning; it's not just another log -- it's interesting). Every hour or so, write a reason, or a variation, or something appealing … [Read more...]

Where We Go, Distractions Follow

The other day here at Freelance Folder, Jon posted some of his ideas about working from home in The Perils Of Working At Night - Should You Rent A Space? Jon's vote is to rent a space; for him, the results of the distractions at home make renting appealing. Sure, there certainly are drawbacks to working at home. For one thing, we sometimes need to work the night away to meet a deadline. But every night … [Read more...]