Three Sure-Fire Ways To Receive A Killer Referral From Your Clients

Many successful freelancers don't do any advertising at all - their services are so good that word-of-mouth referrals get them all the business they need. There's just something about a personal referral that carries more weight than any sales page or fancy flyer ever could. But you don't have to depend on your clients to do the work of spreading the word about your business - you can take matters into your … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Are You Managing Work-Life Balance?

My recent post on work-life balance (complete with music video) has been hitting a nerve with many freelancers and entrepreneurs. While being self-employed obviously has its perks, many people are getting the sense that building their business has been costing them too much in terms of family, relationships, and personal life goals. What about you? What's your biggest secret to work-life balance … [Read more...]

Do You Take Yourself Seriously As A Freelancer?

More than anything else, your business is dependent on the personal vibe that radiates from you in every communication - your emails, your website, your collateral. Are you absolutely nailing this, communicating the confidence that brings in clients day after day ... or do you let fears, insecurities and false humility hold you back? If you want more clients, you have to take yourself seriously as a … [Read more...]

Why Your Rates Are Painfully Lower Than They Should Be

When you take on a new project, you take on a very specific per-hour rate - either an agreed upon rate ($40/hr, and I told the client it should take about 10 hours) or a per project rate ($400, but I think it will take 10 hours, so that's $40/hr). But for far too many freelancers, that rate is never, ever achieved. In fact, most will face the reality that they make far less than their intended rate. Why so? … [Read more...]

3 Steps To Creating A Freelancing Brand That Sells

Dependable. Innovative. Trustworthy. Creative ... any one of these words (and many others) could describe your personality as a freelancer. But are you making sure that potential clients know exactly why you stand out from the competition? If you're not wrapping your personal brand around everything you present to the world online, you're going to lose customers to those who are. Here are three simple … [Read more...]

3 Simple Productivity Hacks For Web-Working Freelancers

When your freelancing business keeps you in front of a computer screen for most of your working day, it's easy to fall victim to some of the time-honored productivity drains that have reduced many an entrepreneurial income. If you're not careful (and just a little bit vigilant), things that don't seem like such a big deal can really hose you at the end of the week when you're under a looming deadline, wondering … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Can You Double Your Sales Per Client?

As many of you have been following on my Freelance Smackdown! threads, I've been putting Christine O'Kelly's eBook to the test - and it's passing with flying colors. One of the gems in this book is a piece of advice that's so simple you may have never thought of it - but it could add a whole lot of money to your bottom line and increase your steady monthly income. The tip? The problem that draws your client … [Read more...]

3 Uncomfortable Ways To Make More Money As A Freelancer

If you really want to make a lot more money as a freelancer, you don't have to drive yourself crazy working an enormous number of extra hours. Nor do you have to struggle to bag an A-list client who is willing to pay the rates you've dreamed of charging. No, if you want to make more than you're making right now (from the circumstances you're in right now), you can take these three "uncomfortable" strategies … [Read more...]

Christine O’Kelly, I’m Talking To You!

Christine, I have a confession to make. I got a copy of your eBook (How I Built a Profitable Freelance Business for Under $50 ... And How You Can Too!) and read it through it. I thought it was great, even though I wasn't technically a freelancer - I just wanted to pull out tips to make my current web business better. And it did. But then the nagging thought kept popping up ... could I really build a … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What’s Your Productivity Secret?

As a busy freelancer / entrepreneur, you wear a lot of hats. You not only do your specialty work, but you're also a marketer, blogger, customer service, deal-maker, etc. ... and still you keep it all together and get the job done every time. What's your secret to staying organized, staying current, and staying one step ahead of your growing business? Take a moment and tell us one of your ninja productivity … [Read more...]