15 Applications No Online Business Can Live Without

If you're running an online business, and probably even if you aren't, there are some online tools that you need to know about. Not all of these tools are a necessity for every business, but no matter what you're in, there are sure to be tools below that you know you should be using. The applications on this list didn't get here because they look pretty. They got here because millions of freelancers have … [Read more...]

25 Sites to Find Good Free Vector Files

Finding the right piece of vector art for your project is never an easy task. Trying to find the right vector for free is an even harder one. Luckily for us, in this digital and open source age, there are quite a few resources floating around the web that make the search a little easier. There is an ever growing number of websites that focus on nothing but free vector graphics. Some of these sites are … [Read more...]