Write Effective Blog Posts Using Hollywood Screenwriting Principles

Three decades ago a Hollywood screenwriter named Syd Field published a book explaining his “paradigm”--a firm and effective classic three part story structure that riffs on the framework first formalized in Aristotle’s Poetics and forms the basis for virtually every modern movie from Silence Of The Lambs to Avatar. The storytelling geometry of the Syd Field Paradigm not only applies to motion pictures, but … [Read more...]

6 Great Ways to Use Email Marketing to Find More Work

The revolution of telecommuting has created an entire new breed of worker: the techno-freelancer. If you're a computer-enabled pro that falls under this umbrella (and who doesn't nowadays) you're no doubt familiar with the challenge of finding new opportunities, making decent money, and standing out in an ocean of your freelancer peers. But even though social media and blogging are reliable and cheap … [Read more...]