20 Best Flat Design Templates

A website is only as interesting as its design renders it. We’ve all had the pleasure of knowing just how engaging flat design is, and that the web community hasn’t just relied heavily on this style over the past year - but still continues to support the trend with mounting enthusiasm. If you’re smart, then you, too, will continue to use this type of design in the making of your next websites. It’s a … [Read more...]

Giveaway Alert: 3 Developer Subscriptions to Try DIVI from Elegant Theme

Who is Elegant Themes? Elegant Themes takes pride in its collection of 86 exquisite themes for WordPress websites (with Divi, 87). 200k happy users presently use this service. If you pay $39, you can peruse more than one theme, for as many websites as you want. What is Divi? Elegant Themes users have been waiting impatiently for a new WordPress theme to be released since October, and now it’s … [Read more...]

Top Places From Where to Get Your Holiday Stock Images

Images that allude to the current season ignite a spark of recognition in viewers’ minds, so if you’re a blogger, advertiser, publisher etc., you know what this means – by using holiday-driven images, you attract new clients. But which are the best sources to acquire this type of stock photos for Thanksgiving and Christmas? This is a list with 10 of the topmost stock photo agencies in the winter of 2013. YAY … [Read more...]

Webydo – A New Era For Professional Web Designers

Loads of do-it-yourself website builders appear on the market everyday, and each bears the promise to help any beginner set up a site in a matter of minutes. So how come 74% of all newly-created websites are still built in the old fashioned way – by writing code for static designs? The answer is simple, and everyone knows it: the mass majority of DIY website building solutions don’t quite make the grade for … [Read more...]

A List With Probably The Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

  The company that hosts your website has to really rise up to the challenge, or your website will go offline and take your finances down with it every time it does. I’ve put together a top 10 with the most wonderful web hosting partners that you could possibly decide on at the present moment. KnownHost … [Read more...]

Building a Free Website for Your Portfolio in 3 Easy Steps

These days, portfolios are for graphic designers and all sorts of professionals in the industry similar to what business cards were back in the old and good days. You need a website so that people would know who you are. However, if you don’t have the knowledge of setting up a website, well, there’s an easy way for you to create a portfolio that looks professional. Amongst the tens of website builders out … [Read more...]