Get More Subscribers With An Email Subscription Box

Many of us freelancers run blogs, and with good reason. Creating a blog is one of the best ways to prove your expertise, build a strong following, and get more clients. Making it easy for your readers to subscribe is a key factor in building this following and growing your blog, and it is a fact -- not all of your readers know how to use RSS. So are you missing out on potential subscribers without an email … [Read more...]

Exposed: Facebook Sends More Traffic Than Twitter

Are you a freelancer, blogger or business owner with a website? Do you want to get more traffic? This article will compare the traffic sent by Facebook VS the traffic sent by Twitter, and suggest some ideas that you may want to invest in -- like building up your Twitter and Facebook profiles. You may be surprised to know that Facebook sends more traffic (& comments) than Twitter, but here is the big … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What’s Your Email Signature?

Do you ever look at peoples email signatures? You might think you don't -- but you do. You do it subconsciously when you are looking for their contact information. But how much information is too much information? What do you believe is acceptable? How many lines of peoples email signatures do you read? Personally I tend not to read more than the first 3 lines, but what about you? Below I have outlined … [Read more...]

The Fast, Good and Cheap Pricing Method

Have you ever heard of the Fast, Good, Cheap pricing method? The idea is that clients should only be able to choose 2 of these 3 words, and you have to keep this in mind when pricing your next job. If you don't, your work / income / career could be suffering. Fast, Good or Cheap -- Choose Two If you allow your clients to have fast, good, cheap work designed by yourself then most likely you are working … [Read more...]