WordPress Premium Portfolio Themes for Sophisticated Freelancers

I know a lot of freelancers who have put up very simple websites for their own portfolio. These are often plain white or black layouts with some links out to their Dribbble, Behance, Twitter, and other social networks. When you are just getting started this makes sense but why leave out so much information? There are plenty of great themes you can work with to get a WordPress-based portfolio running online … [Read more...]

Online Services for Quick Marketing Plans

The speed of a product or service is often one of the greatest factors in any creative endeavor. Timing is everything, and you have to get things done in an orderly fashion. Sometimes this means ordering new materials for marketing or production. It can be a struggle figuring out the best solutions for your own company. I would like to provide a small collection of resources which are geared towards expedited … [Read more...]

Professional Photos for your Blog Articles

Imagery can be very powerful mixed into written paragraphs. Especially when you consider the enormous number of blog posts added to the Internet every day. Visitors will not have all the time in the world so you want to catch them with unique titles. In this brief gallery I have put together a small collection of professional business-style photographs. These stock photos are downloaded from 123RF which has … [Read more...]

Website Branding with Detailed Photographs

Web graphics and stock photos are some of the more popular solutions to building a sense of credibility. Visitors may overlook stock photos at a first glance, but the aesthetics are still present within the content. This will leave a certain emotion placed onto each page or blog post. Using these photographs in your design can help to push a specific mood or effect onto the visitor. In this post I want to … [Read more...]

Freelancing Tips for Generating Useful Marketing Products

Designers and developers who work freelance often have difficulty helping clients with branding. Suggestions on how to market or sell products can be a struggle if you are not familiar with their niche. However, marketing products can be universal to many areas of work. I have put together just a small collection of freelancing tips for picking up useful products for marketing. There is always a new revenue … [Read more...]

5 Cheap Methods for Attracting New Clients

Freelancing successfully is all about meeting new people and generating leads for project work. This is how you can pay bills and earn money for work day-to-day. This isn’t the easiest task but it is necessary if you plan on freelancing long-term. I have collected five interesting viewpoints for generating potential freelance clients. These techniques are often cheap or even free and may only require some of … [Read more...]

PrintRunner Contest Giveaway for 250 Coated Business Cards

How many of you are dying to put together a set of unique glossy business cards? It can be costly and often takes a lot of preparation. But today we are offering one lucky participant a chance to win a 250 bundle print of business cards from PrintRunner.com. We’ll be running this contest all week and will announce the winner sometime by the end of August. To enter just leave a comment on this post and we’ll … [Read more...]

Tips and Guidelines for Smarter Price Estimates

When you are building a price sheet it can be a struggle to match costs with efficiency. Prices are always changing based on quality and brand recognition. As a small freelancer you probably won't have much branding, but this isn't an excuse to lower your standards into accepting a smaller income. These tips below should get you thinking about estimates for project work. All freelancers must come to terms … [Read more...]

Building a Solid Client Base for Repeat Projects

The endearing goals of leaving a secure job into the freelance lifestyle are powerful. Freedom of working when you want, freedom of project choice, and even freedom of who you work with. These are reassuring traits when you consider the vast majority of people stuck in the 9-5 office rut. As you mature and build a solid portfolio freelancing becomes all about connections. Who can refer you to who and how will … [Read more...]

Plan a Marketing Strategy for your Freelance Career

Going the freelance route can be quite an exhilarating process. You drop the 9-to-5 workday in exchange for a whole lot more freedom and independence. But with this job track also comes the burden of management. Personal branding and marketing is a big part of growing your own freelance business. You need to get your name out there into the world and hopefully reel in a few clients. It can be difficult, but I … [Read more...]