Finding Success Through Your Strengths

It’s the ultimate goal and dream of every grade school child. To be able to grow up and do what you love for a living, at the time it may be flying in space, driving large red trucks, or protecting and serving. As we grow older, some of us reconsider which profession would make us happy but the dream of doing it for a living stays alive. For most freelancers this dream is the root of the choice we have made … [Read more...]

Why You Should Let Your Project Cool Off Before You Turn It in

Before you really dive into this article do me a favor. Open up your freelancing weapon of choice, whether it be a writing, designing, or development program. Go ahead, get it going (if it's not already running in the background) and open up a recent or current project. I’ll wait… Okay, now quickly hit the save button then open up your e-mail and fire off whatever work you have completed so far to yourself. … [Read more...]

Why Bear Grylls Would Make a Better Designer Than You

Bear Grylls, the star of the hit show Man vs. Wild, defines what every man really wants to be. For the frequent rock dwellers who don’t know Bear or haven’t been able to catch Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel, picture a man that you could drop out of a plane anywhere on the planet (literally anywhere) and he would survive. Now picture that man waiting for you when you got back to the airport, … [Read more...]