How to Migrate Your Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page

When Facebook first began it was purely a social venture for many. It was a way to connect with family and friends, get to know others from all around the world, and just enjoy a way to get in touch with people from the past who were long gone. This is still a big part of having a social networking profile, and it has probably worked for you for a long time. It wasn't long, however, before a new use became … [Read more...]

The Main Principle of Charging a Flat Rate

As you begin your freelance career, one the biggest dilemmas you will likely face is whether to charge a flat-rate or an hourly fee. This issue plagues nearly every freelancer because solid arguments exist in favor of both options. However, more entrepreneurs are turning to flat-rate pricing structures instead of hourly rates because of the advantages that this option offers. Here are the main arguments in favor … [Read more...]

So You Want to Go Freelance…

“I want to be my own boss.” How many times have I heard that? So many people fantasize about saying, “Take this job and shove it,” to their employers. They envision freedom through owning their business. But what’s the reality of going freelance? Being a freelancer means you’re not just doing what you love � in addition to graphic design, you must wear all the hats of a business owner … [Read more...]