Ten Reasons You Should Learn MS-Visio

After almost fifteen years in the Information Technology field, I have come to respect both out of the box ($$) and open-source programs. However, there is one product which goes unmatched by open-source competition, and that is Microsoft Visio. It is relatively cheap and easy to use and will boost your software efforts in all ways. Here are ten reasons why you should start putting MS-Visio to work at your … [Read more...]

Ten Killer Interviewing Tips

As a Technical Writer, I have had to interview hundreds of computer professionals to better understand the technology that I would be documenting. Programmers, Quality Assurance, Implementation, Sales, Management, Customer Service, Training... I have interviewed them all! The following article reveals tips you can use to optimize your interview experience and get the information you seek. Interview in the … [Read more...]

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Software Experience

Today, software is an integral part of our lives – whether we are working on the web or on a school or business client-server environment that has all of the applications we must use. The following article features ten ways in which you can maximize your software experience, making order out of seeming chaos that can take place in the world of Information Technology: Install the default version of the … [Read more...]

Ten Great Technical Writing Tips

Technical writing is a skill that will not only help you to better understand a software or system that you are working with, but also will help you to build credibility before others in an organization, especially as a knowledge expert regarding the topic or areas you are covering in your documentation. Here are ten tips for improving your technical writing skills, and these may be applied to not only software, … [Read more...]