The Value Of Networking – Offer A Wider Range Of Services

How many times have you lost clients because you could not offer that one extra service they were looking for? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? If you are an active freelancer you probably have a pretty good idea. But with the economy circling the drain most of us can’t afford to expand our small businesses to include more personnel or equipment to offer a wider range of services. So what are we to … [Read more...]

Typography Essentials – A Getting Started Guide

What is typography? And why is it so important to graphic designers? As long as you spell everything correctly and make sure the message is what the client wants to see, why does the font style make any difference? Because everything you touch, see and create is impacted by the use of writing styles and techniques. There are a lot of reasons why designers need to have a solid foundation when it comes to the … [Read more...]

Is Your Body Language Sabotaging Your Success?

When you were a kid, did your parents constantly tell you to sit up straight and stop slouching or fidgeting? Some of my earliest memories involve just that scenario. I was always a fidgety kid; I never could sit still very long and the more I moved around the further down in the chair I’d go. Sound familiar? Now add in a few uhhhh’s and huh’s and it is a disaster waiting to happen. What Does Your Body Language … [Read more...]

Have You Done Your Spring Cleaning Yet?

Ah, Spring! Thoughts turn to pleasant weather, flowers blooming and the invariable task of spring cleaning. For most of the domestic goddess’s I know, this means dusting off, wiping down, and giving a fresh coat of paint to anything remotely connected to our lives. As a graphic designer, this regiment includes my office. My office is where I live and breathe and it sometimes shows. Research material for the … [Read more...]

Let Your Creative Style Include How You Look – Dress For Success

Have you ever given thought to how your appearance plays into getting work as a freelancer? Maybe you should. Even though graphic designers, photographers and writers have fallen into a more casual style of dress, today’s business world demands a professional attitude as well as aptitude. If your idea of dressing for success includes a clean pair of holey jeans and a T-shirt spouting the latest rock band, … [Read more...]

I Got My Roadmap! Do You?

Have you ever gone on vacation without the roadmap? Drives you nuts in short order, doesn’t it? You stop at the first gas station and pick one up and whoever is sitting in the navigator’s seat gets to studiously mark out the route. Or if you are lucky enough to have one of the newer vehicles equipped with navigation tools would you consider leaving home without having it hooked up ready to go? Probably not! … [Read more...]

Consistency Counts, It Really Does!

No matter what profession you have chosen, you have to deliver the goods with consistency every time. As graphic designers, this is especially true. We have to be consistent in our time management skills as well as the product we produce for our clients. Do you set a schedule for yourself to separate your personal time from work time? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants leaving your best ideas to come at … [Read more...]