5 Steps to Winning Any Client Project

The ability to win new client projects is an essential skill to any freelancer. It's something we freelancers practice from the day we get started, and it's usually a skill that builds over time. Aside from just practice, there are actually a lot of things you can do to become better at winning new client projects. Winning projects is not a confusing process, and it can actually be broken down very … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Do You Relieve Stress?

Working as a freelancer can be very stressful. There's the stress of having too many projects all due on the same day, and there's also the stress of dealing with slow times when you don't know if you'll be able to pay the bills that month. They don't call it the freelance roller coaster for nothing. Throughout all of these ups-and-downs, we freelancers need to maintain composure. There's always work to be … [Read more...]

10 Productivity Tools for Computer Addicts

Not everyone needs a computer to do their work, but those of us who do tend to be stuck to our computers like a strong piece of velcro. With the amount of time we spend tapping away at our keyboards, it's no wonder there are hundreds of tools dedicated to making that time more efficient. These productivity tools range from online web applications, to small desktop programs, to smartphone software, and … [Read more...]

FreelanceFolder is (Finally) on Facebook!

It's been a long time in coming, but I'm very happy to announce that we've finally created a FreelanceFolder fan page on Facebook :-) The page was set up a few days ago, by the talented Ritu B. Pant, and already we've had over 150 freelancers join the new community. You can find Myself, Ritu, Laura, and many other freelancers there, so if you're interested in interacting through a different medium, I highly … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What Type of Freelancer Are You?

Here's a very simple question that we haven't asked before on FreelanceFolder: what kind of freelancer are you? Are you a designer, developer, writer, photographer, or something else entirely? Within your specific field, do you have any specialties? Do you focus on coding Wordpress themes, writing for business blogs, or photographing weddings? Tell us about yourself in the comments. Hopefully we can all … [Read more...]

How To Build The Ultimate Job Finding Dashboard with iGoogle

Picture this: You wake up in the morning, grab your cup of coffee, and meander over to your computer. After checking your morning email and twitter accounts, you get started looking for some new work. You check a number of different job boards, look for keywords on a bunch of job-finding sites, and complete several twitter searches. After about hour or so of looking, you've got 5 or so potential leads. Not a bad … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Where Were You 5 Years Ago?

If there's one truth that applies to all freelancers, it's this -- the road is winding and unpredictable. Freelance life is often a roller coaster on a day-to-day basis, and over the course of a few short months everything can change. Looking back a little ways can be a great way to gain some perspective. But if you really want to get some perspective on your freelance career, think about this: What were … [Read more...]

5 Game-Changing Project Management Tools

Project management tools and applications are incredibly valuable to web-workers. Tracking time, tasks, people, and everything else is difficult, and the right project management tool can make all of the difference. It's been several years since the first web-based project management software debuted, and some of the best systems have gone on to become incredibly popular (I'm looking at you, basecamp). Some … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Do You Handle Phone Calls?

In these open threads on FreelanceFolder we like to discuss some of the very basic areas of freelancing that matter to you guys on a daily basis. Take, for example, answering the phone. What seems like a simple part of every freelancer's day can actually be quite complex in practice. Do you use a cell phone or a land line? Do you have a number dedicated to business, or just a catch-all line? Do you use … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Finish Your Day With A Bang

Getting a lot of work done at the end of the day can be really tough -- especially if it happens to be a Monday, Thursday, or Friday. Time seems to slow down, motivation slowly seeps away, and I'd swear that work becomes exponentially more difficult. Something about late-afternoons just isn't good for productivity. With a few tricks, though, it's possible to turn those sluggish afternoons into something … [Read more...]