How To Balance Freelancing With A Full-Time Job Without Burning Out

It is possible to effectively balance your full-time job with freelancing - without going insane or burning out. I do it, and in this post, I'll tell you how you can, too. Many of us begin freelancing while we are still employed in full-time jobs. Here are some requirements and tips for staying sane while working the 9-5 and freelancing on the side. Get help from others Calculate your total work … [Read more...]

Turn Your Process into a Supercharged Sales and Branding Tool

Your client: "That sounds great! How do we get started? What are the steps?" You: "Uh... well, first we, no--wait, first, we..." Has the above ever happened to you? Your initial meeting with a prospective client was going so well until you made her believe that you had no clear idea of what your own process involves. Which is too bad, because of course you know the steps. But you're living inside those … [Read more...]