Retention During The Recession: 20 Ways to Get And Keep More Clients

The recession is a scary thing. Mentioning the word recession makes peoples' eyes bulge and their body language switch from open and happy to reserved and timid. Is it the fact that the super big businesses across the world are closing or filing for bankruptcy? Or could it be that the smaller businesses are closing shop and leaving entire strip malls across America vacant? LegalZoom Reviews has tons of … [Read more...]

20 Must-Read Blogs for Freelance Developers

With all of the other must-read lists here on freelance folder, I don't think it would be fair to leave out the amazing developers who are regular readers. This post contains 20 must-read blogs for freelance developers, from php to jquery, ruby on rails, css and general web development. With all of the regular articles and tutorials being posted on these blogs, it's easy for a beginner developer (or even a … [Read more...]

25 Must-Read Blogs for Freelance Designers

So far at FreelanceFolder we've had a showcase of 20 Must-Read blogs for Freelance Writers, and also a showcase of 20 Must-Read blogs for Online Entrepreneurs -- so it's only fitting to add to this collection of lists and showcase 25 must-read blogs for freelance designers. It doesn't matter if you're looking to sharpen your skills as a vector designer, a photoshop designer, a website designer or if you're … [Read more...]

Building Your Portfolio With Zero Clients & No Spec Work

We've all been there before -- no clients, no work for our portfolio and nobody giving us the proper direction to move forward. Potential full-time freelancers are often scared because of this instability and not knowing where they'll find those first portfolio-building jobs (if they aren't allowed to pull their work from their previous employers website). So how do you build your portfolio with zero clients … [Read more...]

Biting The Bullet: 5 Reasons Why Arguing With Unruly Clients Will Get You Nowhere

We've all been there; putting out your best work, adding extra hours in just to be nice, giving multiple revisions even though the scope only called for 2. Then it happens; you realize your client couldn't care less about anything you've been doing for them and is just a plain $@#*& every time you turn around. Natural human instinct is to pounce into action and fight right back; but is it the smart thing … [Read more...]